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December 2002:

12/31/2002: Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!
12/31/2002: reviewed the eye-popping sequel
12/31/2002: reviewed the Oscar-winning melodrama TODO SOBRE MI MADRE (1999)
12/30/2002: reviewed the atypical Lucio Fulci movie ZANNA BIANCA (1973)
12/29/2002: reviewed the amusing mob comedy MICKEY BLUE EYES (1999)
12/28/2002: reviewed the hilarious slapstick comedy LES AVENTURES DE RABBI JACOB (1973)
12/27/2002: reviewed the bizarre true-crime horror DERANGED (1974)
12/27/2002: reviewed the giallo/gothic horror LA NOTTE CHE EVELYN USCI DALLA TOMBA (1971)
12/26/2002: reviewed the irritating crime comedy GUN SHY (2000)
12/26/2002: reviewed A. Mackendrick's extraordinary adventure A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA (1965)
12/25/2002: reviewed Claude Chabrol's okay crime drama AU COEUR DU MENSONGE (1999)
12/24/2002: Ron Altman and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
12/23/2002: reviewed the horrible ALIEN imitation CONTAMINATION (1980)
12/23/2002: reviewed the weak vampire flick THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA (1971)
12/20/2002: reviewed the science-fiction action classic MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981)
12/19/2002: reviewed the cult documentary GREY GARDENS (1975)
12/19/2002: reviewed the poor Italian Bond imitation LE SPIE UCCIDONO IN SILENZIO (1966)
12/18/2002: reviewed Lucio Fulci's horror spoof IL CAV. CONSTANTE ... DRACULA IN BRIANZA (1975)
12/15/2002: reviewed the okay Louis de Funès comedy LE GENDARME A NEW YORK (1965)
12/15/2002: finally reviewed the action classic MAD MAX (1979) starring Mel Gibson
12/14/2002: reviewed the ordinary revenge drama TIR GROUPE (1982)
12/14/2002: reviewed the Italian James Bond imitation MATCHLESS (1966)
12/12/2002: reviewed the nice documentary IL MONDO DELL'ORRORE DI DARIO ARGENTO (1985)
12/10/2002: updated the Lost & Found section; also added some titles to the Sale list
12/09/2002: reviewed Paul Verhoeven's debut feature WAT ZIEN IK? (1971)
12/08/2002: reviewed the not-bad New Zealand horror DEATH WARMED UP (1984)
12/07/2002: reviewed Frank Henenlotter's crazy BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY (1992)
12/06/2002: reviewed the erotic, uneven Hammer chiller THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970)
12/05/2002: reviewed David Lynch's extraordinary drama THE ELEPHANT MAN (1980)
12/05/2002: reviewed Ruggero Deodato's sickening LA CASA SPERDUTA NEL PARCO (1980)
12/04/2002: reviewed the poorly acted, laughable ERCOLE CONTRO I FIGLI DEL SOLE (1964)
12/03/2002: reviewed Guillermo del Toro's absorbing ghost story EL ESPINAZO DEL DIABLO (2001)
12/02/2002: reviewed the diffuse World War Two drama ENIGMA (2001)
12/01/2002: reviewed the nicely naive peplum movie ERCOLE L'INVINCIBILE (1963)
12/01/2002: there are 2,016 movie reviews online!

November 2002:

11/29/2002: reviewed the latest remake of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (2002)
11/28/2002: reviewed the slowly paced, unexceptional thriller IL GIORNO DEL COBRA (1980)
11/27/2002: reviewed the fairly interesting giallo LA VITTIMA DESIGNATA (1971) by Maurizio Lucidi
11/24/2002: reviewed David Lynch's surreal, fascinating MULHOLLAND DR. (2001)
11/23/2002: reviewed the nice satirical murder mystery LA DONNA DELLA DOMENICA (1976)
11/23/2002: reviewed the solidly filmed but ordinary peplum movie ERCOLE CONTRO ROMA (1964)
11/23/2002: reviewed Arnie's latest blockbuster, the stupid COLLATERAL DAMAGE (2002)
11/21/2002: reviewed the surreal pop-art mystery BABA YAGA (1973) by Corrado Farina
11/20/2002: reviewed the uneven French thriller drama ARMAGUEDON (1976) starring Alain Delon
11/17/2002: reviewed the brainless bloodfest BLADE II (2002)
11/17/2002: reviewed Paul Verhoeven's crackerjack sci-fi thriller TOTAL RECALL (1990)
11/17/2002: reviewed the well-made but contrived mystery thriller DRAGONFLY (2002)
11/16/2002: reviewed the nice, obscure Euro sleaze LA PLUS LONGUE NUIT DU DIABLE (1971)
11/16/2002: from now on you will find direct links to the reviews here (see below)!
11/15/2002: reviewed the oddly paced, interesting psycho drama QUI? (1970) starring Romy Schneider
11/15/2002: reviewed Juan Piquer Simon's violent chainsaw slasher movie PIECES (1981)
11/15/2002: there are now more than 2,000 movie reviews online!
11/15/2002: reviewed Lucio Fulci's okay gangster thriller LUCA IL CONTRABBANDIERE (1980)
11/14/2002: added movie review #2,000: the existential masterpiece BLADE RUNNER (1982)
11/13/2002: reviewed the poor Italian mafia movie CAMORRA (1972) starring Fabio Testi
11/11/2002: reviewed Claude Chabrol's fine satirical drama MASQUES (1987)
11/11/2002: reviewed Powell and Pressburger's extravagant A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH (1946)
11/10/2002: reviewed the rather dull HALLOWEEN 5 (1989)
11/09/2002: reviewed a truncated version of Paul Verhoeven's epic SOLDAAT VAN ORANJE (1977)
11/06/2002: reviewed the disastrous disaster movie THE CONCORDE - AIRPORT '79 (1979)
11/05/2002: reviewed the weak but watchable Canadian thriller CLASS OF 1984 (1982)
11/04/2002: reviewed the chiller HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM (1959) starring Michael Gough
11/04/2002: reviewed Larry Cohen's interesting B-thriller SPECIAL EFFECTS (1984)
11/03/2002: reviewed the well-paced but contrived thriller DON'T SAY A WORD (2001)
11/03/2002: reviewed Lasse Hallström's engrossing drama THE SHIPPING NEWS (2001)
11/02/2002: added Tobe Hooper to the directors index
11/02/2002: reviewed the flawed vengeance drama ROLLING THUNDER (1977)
11/01/2002: reviewed the at times riveting psycho thriller RED DRAGON (2002)
11/01/2002: reviewed Brian Yuzna's okay splatter movie RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 (1993)
11/01/2002: there are 1,985 movie reviews online!

October 2002:

10/30/2002: reviewed the not-bad British monster horror KONGA (1961) starring Michael Gough
10/29/2002: reviewed the atmospheric Jack the Ripper movie FROM HELL (2001)
10/28/2002: reviewed the Hollywood kitsch SWEET NOVEMBER (2001)
10/27/2002: reviewed Tobe Hooper's scary Stephen King adaptation SALEM'S LOT (1979)
10/27/2002: reviewed Antonio Margheriti's tedious piranha movie KILLER FISH (1978)
10/27/2002: added review #1,980: MORDI E FUGGI (1973), a fine tragicomedy/crime drama by Dino Risi
10/27/2002: reviewed John Boorman's well-directed social parable LEO THE LAST (1970)
10/26/2002: reviewed Michael Crichton's disappointing sci-fi thriller RUNAWAY (1984)
10/25/2002: added some more info to the ZEDER review
10/25/2002: reviewed Stephen Sommers' effective monster horror movie DEEP RISING (1998)
10/24/2002: reviewed Pupi Avati's engrossing horror mystery ZEDER (1983)
10/23/2002: updated the sales list > click here
10/22/2002: reviewed the quite nice zombie-flick RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II (1988)
10/21/2002: reviewed the standard, gory slasher movie THE MUTILATOR (1983)
10/20/2002: reviewed the Italian monster trash FIUME DEL GRANDE CAIMANO (1979)
10/20/2002: reviewed the quite good monster horror ALLIGATOR (1980), from a John Sayles script
10/20/2002: reviewed Steven Soderbergh's heist comedy remake OCEAN'S ELEVEN (2001)
10/20/2002: reviewed Lucio Fulci's early giallo UNA SULL'ALTRA (1969)
10/19/2002: reviewed John Sturges' well-photographed thriller THE SATAN BUG (1965)
10/17/2002: reviewed the erotic, well-made Hammer horror TWINS OF EVIL (1971)
10/17/2002: reviewed the German-French crime drama ZARTE HAUT IN SCHWARZER SEIDE (1961)
10/15/2002: reviewed Jim Jarmusch's off-beat GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI (1999)
10/14/2002: updated the sales list > click here
10/13/2002: I'm selling off some videos and DVDs > click here
10/13/2002: reviewed the okay slasher/horror hybrid PSYCHIC KILLER (1975)
10/13/2002: reviewed the funny spaghetti western LO CHIAMAVANO TRESETTE... (1973)
10/12/2002: reviewed the standard slasher movie FATAL GAMES (1984)
10/11/2002: reviewed the rightfully forgotten war movie I DIAVOLI DELLA GUERRA (1969)
10/10/2002: reviewed the eerie little Italian chiller QUELLA VILLA IN FONDO AL PARCO (1987)
10/10/2002: reviewed the stylish super-hero absurdity COME RUBARE LA CORONA D'INGHILTERRA (1967)
10/08/2002: finally reviewed the first Bond movie, the fine DR. NO (1962)
10/06/2002: reviewed Tobe Hooper's unsettling, nasty horror film DEATH TRAP (1976)
10/06/2002: reviewed the non-think horror movie THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001)
10/05/2002: there's now a forum online, you are welcome to post messages!
10/05/2002: finally added a FAQ - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section
10/05/2002: reviewed the solidly filmed but poorly paced Hong Kong actioner STONER (1975)
10/04/2002: reviewed the little-known, not-bad slasher movie SAVAGE WEEKEND (1979)
10/04/2002: reviewed the classic disaster thriller EARTHQUAKE (1974) starring Charlton Heston
10/02/2002: reviewed Wes Craven's stupid but okay THE HILLS HAVE EYES, PART II (1985)
10/01/2002: reviewed DANCING AT LUGHNASA (1998), a nicely photographed Irish drama
10/01/2002: there are 1,951 movie reviews online!

September 2002:

09/30/2002: reviewed BASKET CASE 2 (1990), which has some astounding make-up creations
09/29/2002: reviewed Jean-Pierre Melville's interesting gangster drama DOULOS, LE (1961)
09/28/2002: reviewed the quite good Hong Kong horror thriller 666 SATAN RETURNS (1996)
09/27/2002: reviewed Martin Scorsese's cult comedy AFTER HOURS (1985)
09/26/2002: reviewed the Italian trash movie HORROR SAFARI (1982)
09/22/2002: reviewed the not-bad thriller AUTOSTOP ROSSO SANGUE (1977) starring Franco Nero
09/22/2002: reviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie debut, HERCULES IN NEW YORK (1970)
09/22/2002: reviewed Pupi Avati's disappointing giallo CASA DALLE FINESTRE CHE RIDONO (1976)
09/20/2002: reviewed Fulci's delirious PAURA NELLA CITTA DEI MORTI VIVENTI (1980)
09/20/2002: reviewed Lucio Fulci's only sci-fi movie, GUERRERI DELL'ANNO 2072 (1983)
09/19/2002: reviewed the suspenseful science-fiction thriller THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (1971)
09/17/2002: reviewed Brian De Palma's engrossing mystery drama OBSESSION (1976)
09/16/2002: reviewed the slowly paced Italian mafia movie CORLEONE (1977)
09/15/2002: reviewed Oliver Stone's slow and bad horror THE HAND (1981)
09/15/2002: added Atom Egoyan to the index of directors
09/15/2002: updated the lost & found page
09/15/2002: added Alejandro Amenábar to the index of directors
09/14/2002: reviewed Alejandro Amenábar's chiller THE OTHERS (2001)
09/13/2002: completely revised the TRE VOLTI DELLA PAURA (1963) review (film by Mario Bava)
09/12/2002: reviewed the second Hercules film, ERCOLE E LA REGINA DI LIDIA (1959)
09/10/2002: reviewed the masterfully directed, fascinating FELICIA'S JOURNEY (1999)
09/08/2002: reviewed the okay action thriller PRONTO AD UCCIDERE (1976)
09/08/2002: reviewed the poor disaster movie spoof THE BIG BUS (1976)
09/07/2002: reviewed the war movie PROBABILITA ZERO (1968) scripted by Dario Argento
09/05/2002: reviewed the sci-fi thriller THE OMEGA MAN (1971) directed by Boris Sagal
09/03/2002: reviewed the thriller MAGNUM SPECIAL PER TONY SAITTA (1976) by Alberto De Martino
09/03/2002: reviewed the surprisingly good EXORCIST-clone L'ANTICRISTO (1974) aka THE TEMPTER
09/02/2002: reviewed the weird, bad UNDERWORLD (1985), from a Clive Barker story
09/01/2002: reviewed the little-known disaster thriller TWO MINUTE WARNING (1976)
09/01/2002: there are 1,925 movie reviews online!

August 2002:

08/31/2002: reviewed the fair Lucio Fulci adventure RITORNO DI ZANNA BIANCA (1974)
08/28/2002: reviewed the bizarre sci-fi adventure LOGAN'S RUN (1976)
08/28/2002: reviewed the Billy Wilder comedy AVANTI! (1972)
08/27/2002: reviewed the old-fashioned mystery TWILIGHT (1998) starring Paul Newman
08/26/2002: reviewed the stupid South African horror film THE STAY AWAKE (1987)
08/25/2002: reviewed Michele Soavi's bizarre zombie film DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE (1994)
08/24/2002: reviewed SKYJACKED (1972) and updated the disaster thriller page
08/24/2002: reviewed the fair disaster film THE LAST VOYAGE (1960)
08/23/2002: reviewed the good Sherlock Holmes mystery thriller A STUDY IN TERROR (1965)
08/23/2002: reviewed THE OPPOSITE OF SEX (1998), a funny but uneven black comedy
08/22/2002: reviewed the sick little LISA, LISA (1974), aka CALIFORNIA AXE MASSACRE
08/22/2002: reviewed John McNaughton's downbeat crime drama NORMAL LIFE (1996)
08/21/2002: reviewed the fascinating, powerful action drama DELIVERANCE (1972)
08/19/2002: reviewed the stylish British espionage tale THE IPCRESS FILE (1965)
08/18/2002: reviewed THE SORCERERS (1967), a horror film starring Boris Karloff
08/17/2002: reviewed the fantasy actioner HEROIC TRIO (1992) by Johnny To
08/16/2002: reviewed Russ Meyer's amusing sex comedy FANNY HILL (1964)
08/14/2002: reviewed the okay Russ Meyer movie MOTORPSYCHO (1965)
08/14/2002: reviewed the terrific thriller THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE (1974)
08/13/2002: reviewed poor Aussie horror thriller PATRICK (1978) by Richard Franklin
08/13/2002: reviewed the charming comedy drama ON GOLDEN POND (1981)
08/13/2002: added some new information to Stuart Gordon's, George Romero's and Quentin Tarantino's pages
08/12/2002: slightliy modified the OPERAZIONE PAURA (1966) review
08/11/2002: reviewed the watchable Italian STAR WARS rip-off UMANOIDE, L' (1979)
08/10/2002: reviewed Cameron Crowe's mystery drama VANILLA SKY (2001)
08/08/2002: reviewed the 60s cult film BEACH BLANKET BINGO (1965)
08/08/2002: reviewed the blaxploitation flick HELL UP IN HARLEM (1973)
08/07/2002: there are 1,900 movie reviews online!
08/07/2002: reviewed the HEXEN BIS AUFS BLUT GEQUÄLT (1970) aka MARK OF THE DEVIL
08/07/2002: reviewed the poorly plotted JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY (1993)
08/06/2002: reviewed the intriguing sci-fi FUTUREWORLD (1976), the sequel to WESTWORLD (1973)
08/04/2002: reviewed the cheap but engaging kids comedy HERCULES (1983)
08/03/2002: reviewed the ambitious blaxploitation movie BLACK CAESAR (1973)
08/01/2002: reviewed the Pam Grier blaxploiter SHEBA, BABY (1975)
08/01/2002: there are 1,894 movie reviews online!

July 2002:

07/31/2002: reviewed the brilliant, shocking DEMON SEED (1977) by Donald Cammell
07/30/2002: reviewed George A. Romero's interesting BRUISER (2000), his first film in 7 years!
07/30/2002: reviewed the rip-roaring B-movie DARKMAN (1990) directed by Sam Raimi
07/28/2002: reviewed the serious but amateurishly plotted DRAGON FIST (1979) starring Jackie Chan
07/27/2002: reviewed the fine documentary MARIO BAVA: MAESTRO OF THE MACABRE (2000)
07/27/2002: reviewed the atypical, bad Hill/Spencer pairing LA COLLINA DEGLI STIVALI (1969)
07/23/2002: reviewed the quite good, little-known slasher movie SLAUGHTERHOUSE (1987)
07/22/2002: reviewed the terrific thriller drama THE CHINA SYNDROME (1979)
07/21/2002: reviewed the abysmal splatter movie FLESH EATING MOTHERS (1989)
07/20/2002: reviewed the overindulgent but worthwhile TIME BANDITS (1981) directed by Terry Gilliam
07/20/2002: reviewed the recent, well-filmed CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001)
07/19/2002: reviewed the outrageously stupid ZOOLANDER (2001); this is review 1,883
07/19/2002: reviewed Bernard Rose's well-filmed, well-scripted IMMORTAL BELOVED (1994)
07/19/2002: reviewed the trashy, demented DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE (1965)
07/18/2002: reviewed the okay HEARTS IN ATLANTIS (2001) based on Stephen King's novel
07/17/2002: added Stephen King to the directors index
07/16/2002: reviewed Stephen King's junk movie MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (1986)
07/16/2002: added a book reviews section and a review of Stephen Laws' Daemonic (1995)
07/15/2002: reviewed Irwin Allen's juvenile CITY BENEATH THE SEA (1971)
07/15/2002: reviewed the poor made-for-TV thriller NIGHT VISIONS (1990) by Wes Craven
07/14/2002: reviewed the terrific THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS (1991) by Wes Craven
07/13/2002: reviewed the good sci-fi/mystery thriller THE POWER (1968) by Byron Haskin
07/12/2002: reviewed the grisly, depressing Troma horror COMBAT SHOCK (1986)
07/10/2002: reviewed the poor blaxploitation movie FRIDAY FOSTER (1975)
07/09/2002: reviewed the dull slasher movie EYES OF A STRANGER (1981) with Tom Savini effects
07/09/2002: reviewed Tom Savini's remake of the Romero classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990)
07/08/2002: reviewed Stuart Gordon's latest horror movie, the weak DAGON (2001)
07/08/2002: reviewed Brian De Palma's rare GREETINGS (1968) starring Robert De Niro
07/07/2002: reviewed Jimmy Wang Yu's okay RETURN OF THE CHINESE BOXER (1975)
07/06/2002: reviewed the breathtaking CRYING FREEMAN (1995) by Christophe Gans
07/05/2002: added Stephen Frears' neo-western drama HI-LO COUNTRY (1998)
07/04/2002: added the well-paced Pam Grier movie FOXY BROWN (1974)
07/04/2002: added the horror chiller AMANTI D'OLTRETOMBA (1965) by Mario Caiano
07/03/2002: added Pete Walker's depressing, boring FRIGHTMARE (1974)
07/02/2002: added the fairly good giallo POLIZIA CHIEDE AIUTO (1974) by M. Dallamano
07/02/2002: added the horror movie classic FRANKENSTEIN (1931)
07/01/2002: there are 1,860 movie reviews online!

June 2002:

06/30/2002: added the terrible horror movie TENTACOLI (1977)
06/30/2002: added Joe D'Amato's western drama GIUBBE ROSSE (1974)
06/29/2002: added the okay horror thriller THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (1976)
06/29/2002: added trivia notes to the MASCHERA DEL DEMONIO (1960) review
06/29/2002: added Lamberto Bava's trashy, unfunny A CENA COL VAMPIRE (1988)
06/28/2002: added Lamberto Bava's fair NOTTE AL CIMITERO (1987) aka GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE
06/26/2002: added the well-made drug drama FRESH (1994) featuring Samuel L. Jackson
06/26/2002: added the odd blaxploitation flick J.D.'S REVENGE (1976)
06/24/2002: finally added the second Bond movie, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963)
06/23/2002: added the interesting sci-fi drama COUNTDOWN (1968) by Robert Altman
06/22/2002: revised the CANI ARRABBIATI (1974) review
06/19/2002: added Troma disaster BOSCO, IL (1988), aka EVIL CLUTCH
06/16/2002: added the okay zombie horror NON SI DEVE PROFANARE IL SONNO DEI MORTI (1974)
06/15/2002: added the initially intriguing chiller MR WRONG (1985)
06/13/2002: added John Waters' amusing trash satire POLYESTER (1981)
06/11/2002: added the fair disaster thriller THE CASSANDRA CROSSING (1976)
06/10/2002: added a newsletter feature (see above)
06/09/2002: added the okay adventure THE SOUTHERN STAR (1969) starring Orson Welles
06/09/2002: added special effects master Tom Savini to the directors' index
06/08/2002: added the well-acted, realistic drama ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE (1998)
06/06/2002: added the stupid slasher movie THE PROWLER (1981), effects by Tom Savini
06/05/2002: added Irwin Allen's preposterous BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1979)
06/03/2002: added Richard Lester's absurd satire THE BED SITTING ROOM (1969)
06/02/2002: added the highly original THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE (2001) by Joel & Ethan Coen
06/01/2002: added the stylish, intriguing thriller FLATLINERS (1990)
06/01/2002: there are 1,839 movie reviews online!

May 2002:

05/30/2002: added the Coen brothers' super-stylish, brilliant THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994)
05/27/2002: added one of Christopher Lee's finest hours, the Hammer chiller DRACULA (1958)
05/27/2002: Christopher Lee turns 80 today! Congratulations!
05/26/2002: updated the Bernard Rose page
05/26/2002: added Sam Raimi's hilarious ARMY OF DARKNESS (1993)
05/26/2002: added the okay horror movie FRATI ROSSI (1988) aka RED MONKS
05/26/2002: added review #1,835: Joel & Ethan Coen's stylish MILLER'S CROSSING (1990)
05/25/2002: added the terrible slasher movie MASSACRE (1989) produced by Lucio Fulci
05/25/2002: added Charles Sturridge's magical FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY (1997)
05/23/2002: added a Troma Films Special!
05/23/2002: added the spirited Troma splatter comedy CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH (1986)
05/22/2002: added the terrible splatter comedy REDNECK ZOMBIES (1987)
05/22/2002: added the sloppily made actioner APOCALYPSE DOMANI (1980) by A. Margheriti
05/20/2002: added the not-bad, grotesque crime drama DER ÜBERFALL (2000)
05/20/2002: added the idiotic, cheap zombie movie BLOODEATERS (1980)
05/20/2002: added the disappointing and boring slasher movie PROM NIGHT (1980)
05/20/2002: added Samo Hung's quite good FIRST MISSION (1985) starring Jackie Chan
05/19/2002: added William Lustig's okay revenge pic VIGILANTE (1982)
05/17/2002: added the harrowing horror film LUTHER THE GEEK (1990)
05/17/2002: added Jess Franco's not-bad cannibal flick SEXO CANIBAL (1981)
05/16/2002: added the sordid Jess Franco adventure X312 - FLIGHT TO HELL (1971)
05/16/2002: added the poor sequel SUPERMAN II (1980)
05/15/2002: added the violent comedy TWINKLE, TWINKLE LUCKY STARS (1985) by Samo Hung
05/14/2002: added the old-fashioned French comedy LA BELLE AMERICAINE (1961)
05/12/2002: added the hard-to-dislike Jackie Chan comedy WHEELS ON MEALS (1984)
05/11/2002: added the largely disappointing SUPERMAN (1978)
05/11/2002: added the East-German sci-fi curio SIGNALE - EIN WELTRAUMABENTEUER (1970)
05/10/2002: added the plotless but thrilling disaster thriller TWISTER (1996)
05/07/2002: added the uneven historical action comedy PLUNKETT & MACLEANE (1999)
05/07/2002: added David Fincher's well-made PANIC ROOM (2002)
05/05/2002: added the horrible British drama NEITHER THE SEA NOR THE SAND (1972)
05/03/2002: added Kevin Smith's funny slacker comedy MALLRATS (1995)
05/01/2002: added the well-produced Disney sci-fi THE BLACK HOLE (1979)
05/01/2002: added THE RED BARON (1971) aka VON RICHTHOFEN AND BROWN by Roger Corman

April 2002:

04/30/2002: added the funny kids' comedy ICE AGE (2002)
04/29/2002: added the bleak, sober Canadian drama SKIP TRACER (1977)
04/28/2002: added the quite good Hong Kong drama TEMPTATION OF A MONK (1993)
04/28/2002: updated the lost and found section
04/27/2002: added the gory shocker NIGHTMARE (1981), aka NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN
04/27/2002: added the epic GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, LORD OF THE APES (1984)
04/26/2002: added the fast-paced crime thriller THE BIG COMBO (1955)
04/26/2002: added the well-made, funny LABYRINTH (1986) starring David Bowie
04/25/2002: there are 1,800 movie reviews online!
04/24/2002: added the stylish revenge movie THE LIMEY (1999), directed by Steven Soderbergh
04/24/2002: added the fascinating science-fiction movie THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR (1999)
04/24/2002: added the Adam Sandler vehicle BIG DADDY (1999), a mixed bag
04/24/2002: added the okay comedy drama THE STORY OF US (1999) starring Bruce Willis
04/24/2002: added the compelling, fascinating BOYS DON'T CRY (1999)
04/24/2002: added Roger Avary's over-the-top action thriller KILLING ZOE (1994)
04/24/2002: added the strange, incomprehensible LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (1971)
04/23/2002: added the wicked splatter comedy MEMES CANNIBALES (1989), aka RABID GRANNIES
04/23/2002: added Wes Craven's made-for-TV chiller INVITATION TO HELL (1984)
04/23/2002: added William Lustig's effective B-thriller MANIAC COP (1988)
04/23/2002: added Clive Barker's imaginative, gruesome NIGHTBREED (1990)
04/17/2002: added the poor, anachronistic A KNIGHT'S TALE (2001)
04/16/2002: added the quite good NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS (1987)
04/16/2002: added Paul Bartel's cult action comedy CANNONBALL (1976)
04/15/2002: added the contrived comedy LEGALLY BLONDE (2001)
04/15/2002: added NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER (1988) directed by Renny Harlin
04/14/2002: added the slightly disappointing STAR WARS: EPISODE VI - RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983)
04/13/2002: added John Carpenter's latest horror movie, GHOSTS OF MARS (2001)
04/13/2002: added THE FAMILY MAN (2000), starring Nicolas Cage
04/09/2002: added Lamberto Bava's CASA CON LA SCALA NEL BUIO (1983), aka BLADE IN THE DARK
04/09/2002: added another dated comedy: COLD TURKEY (1971) starring Dick Van Dyke
04/09/2002: added the amusing but overlong and dated caper OCEAN'S ELEVEN (1960)
04/08/2002: added Ching Siu-Tung's not-bad action flick WONDER SEVEN (1994)
04/07/2002: added the amusing Bud Spencer comedy ANCHE GLI ANGELI MANGIANO FAGIOLI (1973)
04/06/2002: added the excellent STAR WARS: EPISODE V - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980)
04/06/2002: added FATICHE DI ERCOLE, LE (1957), the first modern peplum epic
04/04/2002: added the first-rate disaster thriller THE HINDENBURG (1975) by Robert Wise
04/02/2002: added STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE (1977), the film that started it all
04/01/2002: added the interesting drama HIDEOUS KINKY (1998) starring Kate Winslet
04/01/2002: added the (supposed) classic drama SHIP OF FOOLS (1965)
04/01/2002: added George Stevens' magnificent THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (1965)
04/01/2002: 1,769 movie reviews online!

March 2002:

03/31/2002: added the splatter comedy FROSTBITER: WRATH OF THE WENDIGO (1996) by Troma Films
03/30/2002: added Bertrand Tavernier's sci-fi drama MORT EN DIRECT (1980) aka DEATH WATCH
03/30/2002: added THE LAST HORROR FILM (1984), the quasi-sequel to MANIAC (1980)
03/30/2002: added the Jackie Chan movie RUSH HOUR (1998)
03/29/2002: added the hilariously bad REBELION DE LAS MUERTAS, LA (1972) starring Paul Naschy
03/28/2002: added Tarkovsky's hypnotic art film drama STALKER (1979)
03/27/2002: added the insanely stupid (but funny) THE TOXIC AVENGER, PART II (1989)
03/26/2002: added the good FURIOUS SLAUGHTER (1972) starring the ultra-cool Jimmy Wang Yu
03/25/2002: added the hauntingly beautiful ZERKALO (1975) by Andrei Tarkovsky, aka MIRROR
03/25/2002: revised the PROFONDO ROSSO (1975) review; don't worry, it's still ****
03/24/2002: Osc'rs: LOTR would have deserved more awards!
03/24/2002: added Ronny Yu's effective THE BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (1993)
03/24/2002: added the Hammer production KRONOS (1973), aka CAPTAIN KRONOS, VAMPIRE HUNTER
03/23/2002: added the juvenile fantasy adventure DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE (1975)
03/23/2002: added the mad-cap, enjoyable comedy SPIES LIKE US (1985)
03/23/2002: added the German expressionist classic GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM (1920)
03/22/2002: added Andrei Tarkovsky's classic science-fiction film SOLYARIS (1972)
03/22/2002: added Jack Arnold's classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954)
03/22/2002: added Norman Jewison's cult sci-fi drama ROLLERBALL (1975)
03/21/2002: added John Carpenter's well-made but poorly plotted THE FOG (1980)
03/19/2002: added the poorly directed but still watchable horror SUPERSTITION (1982) aka THE WITCH
03/19/2002: added the 1750th review, Jack Arnold's first sci-fi film IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953)
03/19/2002: added the eye-popping but uninvolving BATMAN FOREVER (1995)
03/18/2002: added the not-bad sequel THE FLY II (1989) by Chris Walas
03/17/2002: added Philip Chan's urban thriller NIGHT CALLER (1985)
03/16/2002: added Ruggero Deodato's okay thriller CONCORDE AFFAIRE '79 (1979)
03/16/2002: for the moment, there are 112 Hong Kong movie reviews online!
03/16/2002: added Ringo Lam's good action melodrama THE ADVENTURERS (1995)
03/16/2002: added the B-movie classic TARANTULA (1955) by Jack Arnold
03/15/2002: added the poor action drama LES MORFALOUS (1984) by Henri Verneuil
03/15/2002: added THE BRIDES OF FU MANCHU (1966) starring Christopher Lee
03/13/2002: added Ringo Lam's disappointing FULL CONTACT (1992)
03/12/2002: added the 60s Hippie nostalgia PROFESSOR COLUMBUS (1968)
03/11/2002: added THE FACE OF FU MANCHU (1965), a 60s cult film by Don Sharp
03/11/2002: added the okay Wilder/Pryor comedy SILVER STREAK (1976)
03/11/2002: added the Hollywood contrivance ENTRAPMENT (1999)
03/10/2002: added the acclaimed horror homage SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (2000)
03/10/2002: added the B-movie classic THE INCREDIBLE SHRIKING MAN (1957) by Jack Arnold
03/10/2002: added the romantic drama CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL (2001) starring the sexy Kirsten Dunst
03/09/2002: added the chilling slasher COMMUNION (1976), aka HOLY TERROR, ALICE, SWEET ALICE
03/08/2002: added the excellent cult classic LA GRANDE BOUFFE (1973) by Marco Ferreri
03/06/2002: added the poor sci-fi horror flick SHADOWZONE (1990) by Full Moon
03/05/2002: added John Carpenter's low-brow sci-fi action THEY LIVE (1988)
03/04/2002: added Roland Emmerich's epic blockbuster GODZILLA (1998)
03/03/2002: added the interesting psycho chiller BLOOD LINK (1982)
03/03/2002: added the fine Hammer horror thriller DEMONS OF THE MIND (1972)
03/02/2002: added the off-beat, interesting horror drama JACK BE NIMBLE (1993)
03/02/2002: added the bad horror sequel PROM NIGHT III: THE LAST KISS (1989)
03/02/2002: added THE PROJECTED MAN (1967), a tedious British sci-fi horror flick
03/01/2002: there are 1,723 movie reviews online!

February 2002:

02/27/2002: added Ulu Grosbard's Hollywoodesque DEEP END OF THE OCEAN (1999)
02/26/2002: added the not-bad Australian horror film KADAICHA (1988), aka STONES OF DEATH
02/24/2002: added Terry Gilliam's disappointing THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN (1988)
02/24/2002: added SLEEP WITH ME (1994), a disappointnig romantic comedy drama
02/24/2002: added the exciting fantasy adventure THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (1974)
02/23/2002: added Bernardo Bertolucci's STRATEGIA DEL RAGNO (1970), a must-see!
02/22/2002: added A CHINESE GHOST STORY III (1991), codirected by Ching Siu-Tung and Tsui Hark
02/20/2002: added the violent MOTHER'S DAY (1980), one of Troma's first productions
02/20/2002: added John Carpenter's popular but poor ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981)
02/19/2002: added Peter Sasdy's good thriller DOOMWATCH (1972)
02/17/2002: added Lamberto Bava's DEMONI (1985) and DEMONI 2 (1986)
02/16/2002: added the suspenseful, all-star thriller JUGGERNAUT (1974)
02/15/2002: finally added a search-tool to the site, courtesy of
02/15/2002: added the poor post-apocalyptic horror movie RATTI: NOTTI DI TERRORE (1983)
02/15/2002: added WONDERWALL: THE MOVIE (1969), a psychedelic bore
02/14/2002: added MASTER WITH CRACKED FINGERS (1971), starring Jackie Chan
02/13/2002: added the slow but okay spaghetti western SUGAR COLT (1966)
02/11/2002: added the poor sci-fi horror flick WITHOUT WARNING (1980)
02/11/2002: added DES PISSENLITS PAR LA RACINE (1963), a mild French comedy
02/11/2002: added Alexandre Rockwell's nice SOMEBODY TO LOVE (1994)
02/10/2002: added a Disaster Epics Special!
02/10/2002: added Andrew Davis' not-bad slasher movie THE FINAL TERROR (1983)
02/10/2002: added Ulli Lommel's interesting slasher pic THE BOOGEYMAN (1980)
02/09/2002: added Francois Truffaut's TIREZ SUR LE PIANISTE (1960)
02/09/2002: added the Dickens adaptation DAVID COPPERFIELD (1935), the 1,700th review!
02/09/2002: added the poor Euro actioner ESTAMBUL 65 (1965)
02/08/2002: added the well-made but slowly paced MERMAID CHRONICLES PART 1: SHE CREATURE (2001)
02/08/2002: added the pain-and-destruction comedy LITTLE NICKY (2000)
02/05/2002: added Alfred Hitchcock's good SPELLBOUND (1945)
02/04/2002: added A SHOT IN THE DARK (1964), the first PINK PANTHER sequel
02/04/2002: added the cult sci-fi movie TANK GIRL (1995)
02/03/2002: added the classic horror chiller MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933)
02/01/2002: there are 1,692 movie reviews online!

January 2002:

01/31/2002: added the classic comedy THE PINK PANTHER (1963)
01/30/2002: added the historical drama QUILLS (2000)
01/29/2002: added Jackie Chan's POLICE STORY 3 (1992)
01/28/2002: added GENIO, DUE COMPARI, UN POLLO (1975), a western parody starring Terence Hill
01/28/2002: added the sci-fi actioner LOST IN SPACE (1998)
01/27/2002: added the James Bond movie LICENCE TO KILL (1989)
01/18/2002: added the fascinating cult film TAXI DRIVER (1976), directed by Martin Scorsese
01/17/2002: added LE COUTEAU DANS LA PLAIE (1963), a psycho thriller starring Tony Perkins
01/17/2002: added Steven Spielberg's first theatrical feature SUGARLAND EXPRESS (1974)
01/16/2002: added Stanley Kubrick's excellent SPARTACUS (1960)
01/15/2002: added the weak but acceptable 'roach' comedy JOE'S APARTMENT (1996)
01/14/2002: added Jackie Chan's POLICE STORY 2 (1988)
01/13/2002: added the classic heist movie TOPKAPI (1964)
01/12/2002: added the excellent CORPS DE MON ENNEMI (1976) by Henri Verneuil
01/11/2002: director Henri Verneuil has died aged 81; I have added him to the page
01/11/2002: added the Norwegian crime drama INSOMNIA (1997)
01/10/2002: added the murder mystery MARLOWE (1969)
01/09/2002: added violent, intense cult thriller KALIFORNIA (1993)
01/08/2002: added the absorbing, well-photographed drama HENRY & JUNE (1990)
01/07/2002: added the sci-fi horror film ULTIMO UOMO ELLA TERRA (1964) starring Vincent Price
01/06/2002: added Cheech & Chong's funny THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER (1982)
01/06/2002: added William Castle's amusing HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1958)
01/06/2002: added Franco Zefirelli's fine ROMEO AND JULIET (1968)
01/05/2002: added the rather poor disaster epic METEOR (1979)
01/05/2002: added David Mamet's THE SPANISH PRISONER (1997)
01/03/2002: added Orson Welles' brilliant TOUCH OF EVIL (1958)
01/02/2002: finally added the modern cult classic PULP FICTION (1994)
01/01/2002: added the French farce DINER DE CONS (1998)
01/01/2002: added the Jane Austen adaptation PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1940)
01/01/2002: for the moment, there are 1,664 movie reviews online!

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