Il Mondo dell'Orrore di Dario Argento (1985)

Mondo dell'Orrore di Dario Argento, Il (1985, ITA) C-70m. *** D: Michele Soavi. Featuring Dario Argento, Luciano Tovoli. Early documentary on the leading European horror film director Dario Argento. Argento himself speaks about his films, the techniques he used in them and his fascination with horror in general. Enlightening for his fans, interesting for film buffs in general. Clips of all his films are shown, starting with L'UCCELLO DALLE PIUME DI CRISTALLO (1970) and ending with PHENOMENA (1984) and DEMONI (1985). Unfortunately also reveals the climaxes of all these movies, so you should stay away if you plan to watch the films. Director Soavi was Argento's assistant and went on to make the stylish slasher AQUARIUS (1986). English title: DARIO ARGENTO'S WORLD OF HORROR. Followed by two more documentaries: DARIO ARGENTO - MASTER OF HORROR (1991) and IL MONDO DI DARIO ARGENTO 3 (1997).


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