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December 2004:

12/31/2004: reviewed the okay trash horror movie THE TOMB (1986)
12/30/2004: reviewed the hit sequel TOY STORY 2 (1999)
12/30/2004: reviewed Sergio Sollima's sluggish western LA RESA DEI CONTI (1966)
12/30/2004: modified the review of Sergio Sollima's CORRI, UOMO, CORRI (1968)
12/29/2004: reviewed the laughable horror adventure DANCE OF THE DWARFS (1983)
12/28/2004: reviewed the rather weak spaghetti western IL VENDITORE DI MORTE (1971)
12/28/2004: reviewed the entertaining African adventure HATARI! (1962)
12/27/2004: reviewed the weak giallo LA BESTIA UCCIDE A SANGUE FREDDO (1971)
12/26/2004: reviewed the enjoyable THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM (1962)
12/25/2004: reviewed the marvelous Disney classic PETER PAN (1953)
12/25/2004: reviewed the illogical slasher movie THE DEMON (1979)
12/24/2004: I wish all my readers a verrry MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!!
12/24/2004: reviewed the well-made horror PULSE (1988)
12/23/2004: reviewed the well-known epic KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1953)
12/22/2004: reviewed the dull prison thriller CHAIN GANG (1984)
12/20/2004: reviewed the popular fairy tale THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987)
12/18/2004: reviewed the interesting British thriller PARKER (1984) aka BONES
12/17/2004: reviewed the Mexican Boris Karloff horror ISLE OF THE SNAKE PEOPLE (1968)
12/16/2004: reviewed the okay MAD MAX clone SURVIVAL ZONE (1983)
12/15/2004: added movie review 2,700: the colossal dud INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996)
12/14/2004: reviewed the harmless thriller DEAD AS A DOORMAN (1986)
12/12/2004: reviewed the obscure ANTONIO E PLACIDO ATTENTI RAGAZZI... CHI ROMPE PAGA (1975)
12/09/2004: reviewed the intelligently observed sequel BEFORE SUNSET (2004)
12/08/2004: reviewed the odd, slowly paced horror drama PERSECUTION (1974)
12/07/2004: reviewed the C-actioner DEADLY ALLIANCE (1978)
12/06/2004: reviewed the bad witchcraft horror THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR (1983)
12/05/2004: reviewed the quite funny sequel BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON (2004)
12/03/2004: reviewed the agreeable T.C.M./PSYCHO hybrid MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE (1986)
12/01/2004: number of reviews online: 2,691

November 2004:

11/30/2004: reviewed the not-bad martial arts comedy CRAZY COUPLES (1979)
11/29/2004: reviewed the art-house crime drama BANDE A PART (1964) by Jean-Luc Godard
11/27/2004: reviewed the provocative study STORYTELLING (2001)
11/26/2004: reviewed the terror-filled British horror movie DREAM DEMON (1988)
11/24/2004: reviewed the quite good sci-fi actioner WIRED TO KILL (1986)
11/23/2004: reviewed the Peter Sellers one-man-show THE PARTY (1968)
11/21/2004: reviewed the endearing sci-fi classic E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982)
11/20/2004: reviewed the fast-paced but trivial actioner THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE (1980)
11/19/2004: reviewed the pretty laughable horror THE HAUNTED (1979)
11/17/2004: reviewed the superfluous DVD compilation ULTIMATE FIGHTS FROM THE MOVIES (2002)
11/16/2004: reviewed the tired Italian actioner BERSAGLIO ALTEZZA D'UOMO (1979)
11/14/2004: reviewed the intelligent Spielberg/Kubrick collaboration ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI (2001)
11/13/2004: reviewed the Coen brothers' pointless remake THE LADYKILLERS (2004)
11/12/2004: reviewed the quite cute children's fantasy THE LAND BEFORE TIME (1988)
11/12/2004: reviewed the Disney classic DUMBO (1941)
11/11/2004: reviewed Robert Rodriguez' cult sequel DESPERADO (1995)
11/08/2004: reviewed Robert Rodriguez' debut feature EL MARIACHI (1992)
11/07/2004: reviewed the Russian fairy tale MOROZKO (1964)
11/07/2004: reviewed the feeble horror thriller BRAINWAVES (1982)
11/05/2004: reviewed the rather dumb disaster thriller THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW (2004)
11/03/2004: reviewed the controversial but prize-winning documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (2004)
11/02/2004: reviewed the intelligent psycho drama THE KING OF COMEDY (1983)
11/01/2004: reviewed the agreeable car-race comedy MONTE CARLO OR BUST (1969)
11/01/2004: at present there are 2,668 capsule reviews at your disposal

October 2004:

10/31/2004: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, cult movie lovers!
10/30/2004: reviewed the red-hot cult movie WILD AT HEART (1990) by David Lynch
10/29/2004: reviewed the quite good horror thriller SAIMIN (1999) aka THE HYPNOTIST
10/25/2004: reviewed the numbing animated war epic FUTURE WAR 198X (1982)
10/25/2004: reviewed the superbly directed horror drama (BRAM STOKER'S) DRACULA (1992)
10/24/2004: reviewed the not uninteresting but boring sci-fi THE BRAIN MACHINE (1977)
10/22/2004: reviewed the pleasant enough drama UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN (2003)
10/19/2004: reviewed the quite appealing fantasy adventure FIRE AND ICE (1983)
10/17/2004: reviewed the corny horror trash THE THIRSTY DEAD (1974)
10/17/2004: reviewed the okay Disney adventure NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH (1961)
10/16/2004: reviewed the boring but okay science-fiction film STARSHIP (1985)
10/16/2004: reviewed the watchable Italian actioner CON LA RABBIA AGLI OCCHI (1976)
10/15/2004: reviewed the poor horror thriller BLOODY WEDNESDAY (1985)
10/14/2004: reviewed the disappointing 'digital file' SPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER (2003)
10/13/2004: reviewed the quite interesting vampire thriller VAMPIRE AT MIDNIGHT (1988)
10/12/2004: reviewed the so-so off-beat comedy BANDITS (2001)
10/10/2004: reviewed the well-made horseback adventure HIDALGO (2004)
10/09/2004: reviewed the unconventional art-house classic PIERROT LE FOU (1965)
10/07/2004: reviewed the disappointing all-star farce LE DIABLE PAR LA QUEUE (1968)
10/05/2004: added Robert Rodriguez to the directors index
10/05/2004: reviewed Paul Verhoeven's fine erotic thriller BASIC INSTINCT (1992)
10/04/2004: reviewed the exciting sequel SPY KIDS 2: ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS (2002)
10/03/2004: reviewed the children's action movie SPY KIDS (2001)
10/01/2004: at the moment, there are 2,647 capsule reviews online!

September 2004:

09/30/2004: reviewed Richard Linklater's funny if contrived comedy SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003)
09/29/2004: reviewed the horror cheapo CREEPOZOIDS (1987)
09/28/2004: reviewed the rambling, cold psycho drama MR. KLEIN (1976)
09/27/2004: reviewed the big, booming epic TROY (2004)
09/26/2004: reviewed the nice horror/fantasy mix LE REGINE (1970)
09/25/2004: reviewed the quite good vampire horror IL PLENILUNIO DELLE VERGINE (1973)
09/24/2004: reviewed the okay spaghetti western SONO SARTANA, IL VOSTRO BECCHINO (1969)
09/22/2004: reviewed the unintentionally funny barbarian action GUNAN IL GUERRIERO (1982)
09/21/2004: reviewed the fast-paced crime thriller PERROS CALLEJEROS (1976)
09/20/2004: reviewed the artistically outstanding time capsule ZABRISKIE POINT (1970)
09/19/2004: reviewed the effective M. Night Shyamalan chiller THE VILLAGE (2004)
09/18/2004: reviewed the sloppy C-movie THE TEACHER (1974)
09/17/2004: reviewed the uninteresting western ARIZONA SI SCATENO... E LI FECE FUORI TUTTI (1970)
09/14/2004: reviewed the pretty laughable but not badly made thriller MURDER BY PHONE (1980)
09/13/2004: reviewed the repetitive but okay horror film THE PIT (1981)
09/11/2004: reviewed the poor eastern BLIND FISTS OF BRUCE (1981)
09/10/2004: reviewed the interesting science-fiction THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS (1965)
09/09/2004: reviewed the melancholy WW2 love story LE TRAIN (1973)
09/06/2004: reviewed the extremely rare Gothic horror LE AMANTI DEL MOSTRO (1974)
09/05/2004: reviewed the amateurish but kind-of funny spoof I WAS A TEENAGE ZOMBIE (1987)
09/03/2004: reviewed the oddly captivating crime drama L'ETOILE DU NORD (1982)
09/02/2004: reviewed the vampire curio GEBISSEN WIRD NUR NACHTS (1971)
09/01/2004: reviewed the top-notch thrill-ride INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984)
09/01/2004: there are now 2,624 capsule reviews online!

August 2004:

08/30/2004: reviewed the popular but contrived action drama TOP GUN (1986)
08/29/2004: reviewed the okay actioner LA POLIZIA ACCUSA: IL SERVIZIO SEGRETO UCCIDE (1975)
08/28/2004: reviewed the pretty absurd, straight horror film THE CHILDREN (1980)
08/28/2004: reviewed the good giallo PASSI DI MORTE PERDUTI NEL BUIO (1977)
08/27/2004: reviewed the notorious but hardly suspenseful thriller GIALLO A VENEZIA (1979)
08/26/2004: reviewed the good Brian De Palma thriller BLOW OUT (1981)
08/25/2004: reviewed the pretty pointless sequel HOME ALONE 3 (1997)
08/24/2004: reviewed the neddlessly updated version of PETER PAN (2003)
08/23/2004: reviewed the pretty boring spy actioner COPLAN, AGENT SECRET FX 18 (1964)
08/23/2004: reviewed the not-bad MAD MAX 2 rip-off IL GIUSTIZIERE DELLA TERRA PERDUTA (1983)
08/20/2004: reviewed the terrible Lucio Fulci horror IL FANTASMA DI SODOMA (1988)
08/19/2004: reviewed the well-told hippie drama MORE (1969)
08/18/2004: reviewed the not-bad PSYCHO variation SILENT SCREAM (1981)
08/17/2004: reviewed the bad Lucio Fulci chiller LA DOLCE CASA DEGLI ORRORI (1989)
08/16/2004: reviewed the harmless, dated prison drama L'ISTRUTTORIA E CHIUSA: DIMENTICHI (1971)
08/15/2004: reviewed the adventure classic ULISSE (1954)
08/14/2004: reviewed the tedious FRANKENSTEIN variation EMBRYO (1976)
08/14/2004: reviewed the excellent drama DER FUSSGÄNGER (1973) directed by Maximilian Schell
08/13/2004: reviewed the watchable slasher movie TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT (1982)
08/12/2004: reviewed the below-par giallo NUDE PER L'ASSASSINO (1975)
08/10/2004: reviewed the heavy-handed comedy blockbuster DOCTOR DOLITTLE (1967)
08/10/2004: reviewed the popular sports comedy THE BAD NEWS BEARS (1976)
08/09/2004: reviewed the well-scripted thriller THE HOLE (2001)
08/08/2004: reviewed the interesting but unlikely thriller QUELQU'UN DERRIERE LA PORTE (1971)
08/08/2004: added review #2,600: the rather boring murder mystery UN DETECTIVE (1969)
08/07/2004: reviewed the pretentious, tame horror mystery THE APPOINTMENT (1981)
08/06/2004: reviewed Peter Weir's hypnotic PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (1975)
08/05/2004: reviewed the okay sci-fi thriller PAYCHECK (2003) directed by John Woo
08/03/2004: reviewed the intelligently observed sex comedy BETTER THAN SEX (2000)
08/03/2004: reviewed the recommended science-fiction adventure THE TIME TRAVELERS (1964)
08/02/2004: reviewed the Claude Chabrol classic LE BOUCHER (1970)
08/01/2004: current number of capsule reviews online: 2,593

July 2004:

07/28/2004: reviewed the cult revenge western DA UOMO A UOMO / DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1968)
07/25/2004: reviewed the popular family movie BABE (1995)
07/24/2004: reviewed the atmospheric drama AU-DELA DE GRILLES (1949) by René Clément
07/21/2004: reviewed the overlong soap opera-like drama RANDOM HEARTS (1999)
07/21/2004: reviewed the clichéd, contrived but enjoyable comedy ALONG CAME POLLY (2004)
07/19/2004: reviewed the remarkable giallo-like mystery EL TECHO DI CRISTAL (1971)
07/18/2004: reviewed the well-filmed MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD (2003)
07/16/2004: reviewed Dario Argento's latest film, the thriller IL CARTAIO (2004)
07/14/2004: reviewed the atmospheric gothic chiller I LUNGHI CAPELLI DELLA MORTE (1964)
07/11/2004: reviewed the quite good Eastwood drama MYSTIC RIVER (2003)
07/11/2004: reviewed the well-directed but derivative fantasy adventure QUEST FOR CAMELOT (1998)
07/10/2004: reviewed Henri Verneuil's disappointing action drama LE CASSE (1971)
07/09/2004: reviewed the lame James Bond spoof SIGPRESS CONTRO SCOTLAND YARD (1968)
07/08/2004: reviewed the standard Wang Yu eastern RAGE OF THE MASTER (1971)
07/07/2004: reviewed the somber but well-acted, rewarding drama LE CHAT (1971)
07/05/2004: reviewed the odd, macabre psycho drama THE NIGHT DIGGER (1971)
07/04/2004: added the Spanish horror director Amando De Ossorio to the index
07/04/2004: reviewed the lame Spanish EXORCIST clone LA ENDEMONIADA (1975)
07/03/2004: reviewed the intelligent, thoughtful crime drama L'HORLOGER DE SAINT-PAUL (1974)
07/02/2004: reviewed the off-beat psycho drama THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES (1998)
07/02/2004: reviewed the nice comedy western THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN... (1970)
07/01/2004: currently, there are 2,573 capsule reviews online!

June 2004:

06/29/2004: reviewed the silly James Bond spoof JOHNNY ENGLISH (2003)
06/29/2004: reviewed the gripping cult thriller SE7EN (1995)
06/29/2004: reviewed the AMERICAN PIE sequel AMERICAN WEDDING (2003)
06/29/2004: reviewed the marvelous fantasy THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (2003)
06/28/2004: reviewed the East German sci-fi curio IM STAUB DER STERNE (1976)
06/27/2004: reviewed the not-bad, quite well-directed thriller VENOM (1982)
06/27/2004: reviewed the pretty bad slasher movie PSYCHO COP (1988)
06/26/2004: reviewed the pointless, worthless sequel HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION (2002)
06/23/2004: reviewed the trashy but okay racial drama THE KLANSMAN (1974)
06/21/2004: reviewed the small British horror classic VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960)
06/21/2004: reviewed the dark, interesting Disney fantasy THE BLACK CAULDRON (1985)
06/19/2004: reviewed the muddled Jess Franco crime drama EL MUERTO HACE LAS MANETAS (1972)
06/17/2004: reviewed the boring but okay eco-thriller SAVAGE HARVEST (1981)
06/17/2004: reviewed the stylish western C'E SARTANA... VENDI LA PISTOLA E COMPRATI LA BARA! (1970)
06/16/2004: reviewed the cult horror comedy ARNOLD (1973)
06/13/2004: reviewed the nicely atmospheric Euro vampire horror MALENKA (1969)
06/12/2004: reviewed William Witney's lame prison movie I ESCAPED FROM DEVIL'S ISLAND (1973)
06/11/2004: found(!) and added my review of David Lynch's BLUE VELVET (1986)
06/10/2004: reviewed the overlong but watchable slasher pic SCHIZO (1976)
06/10/2004: reviewed the atrocious, cheap Lucio Fulci horror HANSEL E GRETEL (1990)
06/09/2004: reviewed the splatter horror sequel HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II (1988)
06/08/2004: reviewed Clive Barker's splatter horror milestone HELLRAISER (1987)
06/06/2004: reviewed the tedious British revenge thriller SITTING TARGET (1972)
06/05/2004: reviewed the not-bad Lucio Fulci horror chiller LA CASA DEL TEMPO (1989)
06/03/2004: reviewed the rather ridiculous jungle adventure THE FACE OF EVE (1968)
06/01/2004: reviewed John Boorman's good adventure drama THE EMERALD FOREST (1985)
06/01/2004: currently, there are 2,547 capsule reviews online!

May 2004:

05/31/2004: reviewed the Luis Bunuel / Salvador Dalí masterpiece UN CHIEN ANDALOU (1929)
05/31/2004: reviewed the engrossing war drama LE JOUR ET L'HEURE (1963) by René Clément
05/30/2004: reviewed the superb romantic thriller comedy NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY (1968)
05/29/2004: reviewed the faithful, atmospheric adaptation VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (1977)
05/29/2004: added information to the review of Dario Argento's NONHOSONNO (2001)
05/29/2004: reviewed the absolutely annoying fantasy MONKEYBONE (2001)
05/29/2004: reviewed the interesting, well-plotted giallo LA RAGAZZA DAL PIGIAMA GIALLO (1977)
05/28/2004: reviewed a truncated version of the apocalyptic disaster thriller FUKKATSU NO HI (1980)
05/27/2004: reviewed the controversial, hard-to-take psycho horror drama DABIDE NO HOSHI (1979)
05/26/2004: reviewed the okay giallo 5 DONNE PER L'ASSASSINO (1974)
05/24/2004: reviewed Tim Robbins' intriguing directorial debut BOB ROBERTS (1992)
05/23/2004: reviewed the convoluted, interesting giallo LA CASA D'APPUNTAMENTO (1972)
05/23/2004: reviewed the popular Disney animated feature THE JUNGLE BOOK (1967)
05/21/2004: reviewed the standard eco-horror THE SAVAGE BEES (1976)
05/21/2004: reviewed the well-plotted giallo RAGAZZA TUTTA NUDA ASSASSINATA NEL PARCO (1972)
05/20/2004: reviewed the watchable witchcraft horror NECROMANCY (1972)
05/19/2004: reviewed the weak war actioner LA BATTAGLIA DI EL-ALAMEIN (1969)
05/19/2004: reviewed the earnest Hammer fantasy adventure SHE (1965)
05/19/2004: reviewed the interesting giallo UNA FARFALLA CON GLI ALI INSANGUINATE (1971)
05/19/2004: reviewed Alberto De Martino's pretty good giallo L'UOMO DAGLI OCCHI DI GHIACCIO (1971)
05/18/2004: reviewed the intoxicating Hong Kong love drama IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000)
05/18/2004: reviewed the moralizing French drama RAZZIA SUR LA CHNOUF (1955)
05/16/2004: reviewed the classic American western drama THE SEARCHERS (1956)
05/15/2004: reviewed the Paul Naschy costumer EL MARISCAL DEL INFIERNO (1974)
05/14/2004: reviewed the rather stupid horror sequel SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 (1987)
05/13/2004: reviewed the hardly interesting TV thriller BIRDS OF PREY (1973)
05/13/2004: reviewed the quite good Jess Franco chiller GRITOS EN LA NOCHE (1962)
05/12/2004: reviewed the bleak British exploitation thriller HOUSE OF WHIPCORD (1974)
05/11/2004: reviewed the turgid face-lift soaper ASH WEDNESDAY (1973)
05/11/2004: reviewed the rather weak European monster horror LAS GARRAS DE LORELEI (1973)
05/09/2004: reviewed the sort-of giallo LO STRANGOLATORE DI VIENNA (1972)
05/09/2004: reviewed the watchable peplum movie URSUS NELLA TERRA DI FUOCO (1963)
05/08/2004: reviewed the poor blaxploitation actioner CLEOPATRA JONES (1973)
05/07/2004: reviewed the harrowing thriller drama LE VIEUX FUSIL (1975)
05/06/2004: reviewed the quite good 80s horror CHILD'S PLAY (1988)
05/05/2004: reviewed the minor cult actioner TAG: THE ASSASSINATION GAME (1982)
05/03/2004: reviewed the pseudo-art-house whodunit 8 FEMMES (2002)
05/03/2004: reviewed the bad Franco-Canadian chiller CAUCHEMARES (1977)
05/02/2004: reviewed the famous short film UNE PARTIE DE CAMPAGNE (1936/46) by Jean Renoir
05/02/2004: reviewed Ridley Scott's well-made, well-acted crime drama MATCHSTICK MEN (2003)
05/02/2004: reviewed the amusing, inoffensive family movie PAULIE (1998)
05/01/2004: reviewed Alejandro Amenábar's cult psycho fantasy ABRE LOS OJOS (1997)
05/01/2004: there are now 2,506 capsule reviews online!

April 2004:

04/29/2004: reviewed the violent horror thriller THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL (1981) aka MADHOUSE
04/29/2004: reviewed a truncated version of GOD OF GAMBLERS RETURNS (1994)
04/29/2004: reviewed the unrelenting Ferrara cult thriller FEAR CITY (1984)
04/28/2004: reviewed the trivial but uninteresting spy actioner PUPPET ON A CHAIN (1970)
04/27/2004: reviewed the unrelentingly grotesque Spanish thriller LA COMUNIDAD (2000)
04/26/2004: reviewed the above-average, interesting chiller SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (1973)

04/25/2004: added review 2,500 - Quentin Tarantino's extravagant KILL BILL, VOL.2 (2004)

04/23/2004: reviewed the weak police actioner POLIZIOTTO, SOLITUDINE E RABBIA (1979)
04/23/2004: reviewed the rather silly pirate comedy YELLOWBEARD (1983)
04/22/2004: reviewed the flashy but contrived remake THE ITALIAN JOB (2003)
04/21/2004: reviewed the effective, entertaining horror comedy FRIGHT NIGHT (1985)
04/21/2004: reviewed the highly interesting independent drama SUTURE (1993)
04/17/2004: reviewed the gripping thriller drama DER RICHTER UND SEIN HENKER (1976)
04/17/2004: reviewed the weak European thriller SEMANA SANTA (2002) starring Mira Sorvino
04/16/2004: reviewed the obnoxious comedy L'ESERCITO PIU PAZZO DEL MONDO (1981)
04/15/2004: reviewed the okay disaster drama ST. HELENS (1981)
04/15/2004: reviewed the dreary artist drama EXQUISITE CORPSES (1989)
04/13/2004: reviewed the okay Italian war actioner EROI ALL'INFERNO (1974) by Joe D'Amato
04/13/2004: reviewed the exciting action thriller DIE HARD: WITH A VENGEANCE (1995)
04/12/2004: reviewed the big-budget, well-made war epic PEARL HARBOR (2001)
04/12/2004: reviewed the actioner L'ULTIMO DEI VIKINGHI (1960), codirected by Mario Bava
04/11/2004: reviewed the disaster movie spoof AIRPLANE! (1980)
04/11/2004: reviewed the classic disaster movie AIRPORT (1970)
04/10/2004: reviewed the difficult, at times powerful Mafia drama IL PREFETTO DI FERRO (1977)
04/08/2004: reviewed the eerie, chilling Japanese horror JU-ON: THE GRUDGE (2003)
04/08/2004: reviewed the quite good splatter movie BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR (2003)
04/08/2004: reviewed the beautifully handled, sublime drama SEABISCUIT (2003)
04/07/2004: reviewed Sam Peckinpah's final film, THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND (1983)
04/05/2004: reviewed the cult horror movie DEAD PEOPLE (1974) aka MESSIAH OF EVIL
04/04/2004: reviewed the interesting but self-conscious gangster thriller THE HIT (1984)
04/04/2004: reviewed the talky, unpleasant revenge picture DEMENTED (1980)
04/04/2004: reviewed the poor horror movie KISS DADDY GOODBYE (1981)
04/02/2004: reviewed the interesting, unusual "classic" THE CONVERSATION (1974)
04/01/2004: there are 2,473 capsule reviews online

March 2004:

03/31/2004: reviewed the ridiculous, campy horror THE BODY SHOP (1973)
03/31/2004: reviewed the very interesting Agatha Christie adaptation ENDLESS NIGHT (1971)
03/30/2004: reviewed Claude Miller's debut, the interesting LA MEILLEURE FACON DE MARCHER (1976)
03/28/2004: reviewed the funny, well-animated Pixar hit FINDING NEMO (2003)
03/28/2004: reviewed the unpleasant, familiar sequel PENITENTIARY II (1982)
03/26/2004: reviewed the rough prison thriller PENITENTIARY (1979)
03/25/2004: reviewed the quite good Hammer horror THE MUMMY (1959)
03/24/2004: reviewed the mild cult satire WHERE'S POPPA? (1970)
03/22/2004: reviewed the pointless sequel ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO (2003)
03/22/2004: reviewed the poor cult actioner BATTLE ROYALE (2000)
03/21/2004: reviewed the weak thriller IDENTITY (2003)
03/20/2004: reviewed the tedious peplum movie IL TERRORE DI BARBARI (1959)
03/20/2004: reviewed the fair action comedy THE HARD WAY (1991)
03/19/2004: reviewed the odd little curio NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES (1981)g
03/18/2004: reviewed Claude Chabrol's highly interesting A DOUBLE TOUR (1959)
03/16/2004: reviewed TUTTO PER TUTTO (1968), a standard spaghetti western by Umberto Lenzi
03/14/2004: reviewed the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster RED HEAT (1988)
03/14/2004: reviewed the gruesome Italian cannibal horror ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (1980)
03/12/2004: reviewed the cynical short THE UNTITLED STAR WARS MOCKUMENTARY (2003)
03/12/2004: reviewed the mean-spirited, contrived action thriller ERASER (1996)
03/11/2004: reviewed the cheap, deadening slasher movie MARDI GRAS MASSACRE (1978)
03/10/2004: reviewed the fairly good remake THE BODY SNATCHERS (1993)
03/09/2004: reviewed the good Hong Kong thriller THE BIG HEAT (1988)
03/07/2004: reviewed the compelling Civil War epic RAINTREE COUNTY (1957)
03/06/2004: reviewed the uneven but interesting werewolf horror LA LUPA MANNARA (1976)
03/05/2004: reviewed the hard-hitting Jackie Chan actioner CRIME STORY (1993)
03/04/2004: reviewed the popular thriller comedy INTO THE NIGHT (1985)
03/02/2004: reviewed the barely watchable horror FRIGHTMARE / HORROR STAR (1982)
03/01/2004: currently there are 2,455 capsule review online!

February 2004:

02/29/2004: reviewed the interesting Norwegian experimental drama GOD (2002)
02/27/2004: reviewed the fine Claude Chabrol crime drama LES INNOCENTS AUX MAINS SALES (1975)
02/26/2004: reviewed the romantic monster fantasy CHELOVEK-AMFIBIYA (1962)
02/25/2004: reviewed the dreary sex comedy IL TUO PIACERE E IL MIO (1973)
02/24/2004: reviewed the dull zombie revival CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DEAD (2001)
02/24/2004: reviewed a handsome, well-acted version of DRACULA (1979)
02/22/2004: reviewed the dramatic, brilliantly acted thriller AU-DELA DE LA PEUR (1975)
02/22/2004: reviewed the well-filmed, well-acted war drama THE LAST SAMURAI (2003)
02/20/2004: reviewed the interesting, dreamy drama UN TAXI MAUVE (1977)
02/19/2004: reviewed the flawed but not uninteresting mystery horror NERO VENEZIANO (1978)
02/19/2004: reviewed the interesting science-fiction thriller CAPRICORN ONE (1978)
02/17/2004: reviewed the moody drama THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA (1976)
02/16/2004: reviewed the bad B-horror movie DRACULA'S DOG (1978)
02/15/2004: reviewed the terrible HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER (1979)
02/15/2004: reviewed the okay action comedy TANGO & CASH (1989)
02/14/2004: reviewed Renato Polselli's RITE, MAGIE NERE E SEGRETE ORGE NEL TRECENTO (1973)
02/12/2004: reviewed the mean-spirited, lumbering psycho drama I DISMEMBER MAMA (1974)
02/12/2004: reviewed the quite good zombie movie NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986)
02/11/2004: reviewed the interesting, unusual European western THE MAN CALLED NOON (1973)
02/11/2004: reviewed the quite bizarre but sluggish thriller SCREAM... AND DIE! (1973)
02/09/2004: reviewed the predictable, dinosaur action JURASSIC PARK III (2001)
02/08/2004: reviewed the poor eastern FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL (1977)
02/08/2004: reviewed the well-made Stephen King adaptation DREAMCATCHER (2003)
02/07/2004: reviewed Lamberto Bava's interesting giallo MORIRAI A MEZZANOTTE (1986)
02/07/2004: reviewed the amateurish horror CROSSCLUB - THE LEGEND OF THE LIVING DEAD (1999)
02/06/2004: reviewed the disastrous disaster movie THE SWARM (1978)
02/05/2004: reviewed the quite good thriller OXYGEN (1999)
02/03/2004: reviewed the poor backwoods slasher horror THE PREY (1980)
02/02/2004: reviewed the quite well-made but uninvolving war drama TEARS OF THE SUN (2003)
02/01/2004: reviewed the okay disaster thriller AIRPORT '77 (1977)
02/01/2004: there are currently 2,425 capsule reviews available

January 2004:

01/31/2004: reviewed the interesting giallo IL DOLCE CORPO DI DEBORAH (1969)
01/30/2004: reviewed the visually interesting time capsule THE TRIP (1967)
01/29/2004: reviewed the self-absorbed movie spoof JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK (2001)
01/28/2004: reviewed the okay Eastwood western PALE RIDER (1985)
01/27/2004: reviewed the quite funny thriller comedy CHAIN OF FOOLS (2000)
01/24/2004: reviewed the slimy, pretty bad horror flick THE BEING (1983)
01/23/2004: reviewed the interesting political thriller L'ANGELO CON LA PISTOLA (1992)
01/19/2004: reviewed the dumb action classic FIRST BLOOD (1982)
01/18/2004: reviewed the grotesque, uneven IT'S ALIVE III: ISLAND OF THE ALIVE (1987)
01/15/2004: reviewed the pretty laughable spaghetti western TRINITA E SARTANA FIGLI DI ... (1972)
01/15/2004: reviewed the classic soft-core sex film EMMANUELLE (1974)
01/14/2004: reviewed the Peter Jackson mockumentary FORGOTTEN SILVER (1995)
01/14/2004: reviewed the effectively compiled war documentary DEAR AMERICA (1987)
01/11/2004: reviewed the quite good chiller THE HAUNTING (1999)
01/11/2004: reviewed the harrowing psycho drama TRAS EL CRISTAL (1986) aka IN A GLASS CAGE
01/09/2004: reviewed the grand Hollywood epic GIANT (1956)
01/07/2004: added a new search to the Lost & Found page
01/06/2004: reviewed the quite good giallo / murder mystery ENIGMA ROSSO (1978)
01/05/2004: reviewed the ludicrous actioner REINDEER GAMES (2000)
01/05/2004: reviewed the astounding, intellectually challenging ADAPTATION. (2003)
01/04/2004: reviewed the unconvicing fantasy adventure LA ISLA MISTERIOSA Y EL CAPITAN NEMO (1973)
01/04/2004: reviewed the sweet-natured, philosophical animated feature CHARLOTTE'S WEB (1973)
01/04/2004: reviewed the quite good comic book adaptation DAREDEVIL (2003)
01/03/2004: reviewed the obnoxious Cheech and Chong comedy THE CORSICAN BROTHERS (1984)
01/02/2004: reviewed the rare Lucio Fulci western TEMPO DI MASSACRO (1966)
01/01/2004: right now there are 2,401 movie reviews online!

December 2003:

12/30/2003: reviewed Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003)
12/30/2003: added movie review #2,400: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981)
12/30/2003: reviewed the ingenious mockumentary THE RUTLES (1978)
12/29/2003: reviewed the very well-directed drama SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS (1999)
12/29/2003: reviewed the forgettable British spy meller DEATH IS A WOMAN (1966)
12/27/2003: reviewed the top-notch animated fantasy PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997)
12/27/2003: reviewed the big-scale sequel TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991)
12/26/2003: reviewed the unfunny, stupid Jerry Lewis comedy THREE ON A COUCH (1966)
12/26/2003: reviewed the sumptuous biblical epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956)

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