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December 2003:

12/31/2003: reviewed 354 movies this past year - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
12/30/2003: reviewed Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003)
12/30/2003: added movie review #2,400: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981)
12/30/2003: reviewed the ingenious mockumentary THE RUTLES (1978)
12/29/2003: reviewed the very well-directed drama SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS (1999)
12/29/2003: reviewed the forgettable British spy meller DEATH IS A WOMAN (1966)
12/27/2003: reviewed the top-notch animated fantasy PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997)
12/27/2003: reviewed the big-scale sequel TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991)
12/26/2003: reviewed the unfunny, stupid Jerry Lewis comedy THREE ON A COUCH (1966)
12/26/2003: reviewed the sumptuous biblical epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956)
12/24/2003: >>> HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <<<
12/23/2003: reviewed the surprisingly good road movie thriller DELUSION (1991)
12/22/2003: reviewed the endearing, quite funny Bruce Willis comedy THE KID (2000)
12/22/2003: reviewed the fast-moving crime classic THE MALTESE FALCON (1941)
12/20/2003: reviewed the relentlessly talky war drama MUSSOLINI: ULTIMO ATTO (1974)
12/19/2003: reviewed the touching Tim Burton fantasy EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990)
12/18/2003: reviewed the quite good, atmospheric horror CATACOMBS (1988)
12/17/2003: reviewed the cult thriller LOVE AND A .45 (1994)
12/17/2003: reviewed Claude Chabrol's recent crime drama MERCI POUR LE CHOCOLAT (2000)
12/16/2003: reviewed Andy Warhol's BLOOD FOR DRACULA (1974)
12/15/2003: reviewed the interesting documentary CLAUDE CHABROL - MON PREMIER FILM (2003)
12/15/2003: reviewed Andy Warhol's trash-classic FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (1974)
12/15/2003: reviewed the animation milestone TOY STORY (1995)
12/14/2003: reviewed the good Clint Eastwood western HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (1973)
12/14/2003: reviewed the Hammer sequel FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (1969)
12/11/2003: reviewed the Hammer classic THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957)
12/10/2003: reviewed Frank Henenlotter's grotesque horror comedy BRAIN DAMAGE (1988)
12/10/2003: reviewed the quite amusing comedy THE WONDERFUL ICE CREAM SUIT (1998)
12/08/2003: reviewed the mysterious cult hit DONNIE DARKO (2001)
12/07/2003: reviewed the interesting Euro-horror LA VIE AMOUREUSE DE L'HOMME INVISIBLE (1971)
12/06/2003: reviewed the intoxicating martial arts epic HERO (2002)
12/05/2003: reviewed the strange serial killer movie DOCTOR SLEEP (2002)
12/03/2003: reviewed the so-bad-it's-funny Paul Naschy flick LAS RATAS NO NUEMEN DE NOCHE (1973)
12/03/2003: reviewed the not-bad rat horror OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (1983)
12/03/2003: reviewed the pretentious thriller melodrama NIGHTMARE HONEYMOON (1973)
12/02/2003: reviewed the mostly funny early 80s comedy NIGHT SHIFT (1982)
12/01/2003: there are currently 2,367 capsule reviews online!

November 2003:

11/30/2003: reviewed the Brian Yuzna horror THE DENTIST (1996)
11/29/2003: reviewed the terrific Japanese mystery horror thriller CURE (1997) aka KYUA
11/28/2003: reviewed the interesting Brian De Palma concoction FEMME FATALE (2002)
11/27/2003: reviewed the Maurizio Merli actioner SBIRRO, LA TUA LEGGE E LENTA... LA MIA NO! (1979)
11/26/2003: reviewed the poorly plotted thriller THE SWISS CONSPIRACY (1976)
11/25/2003: reviewed the Wings Hauser actioner DEADLY FORCE (1983), not bad!
11/24/2003: reviewed the interesting drama REVERSAL OF FORTUNE (1990)
11/22/2003: reviewed the marvelous Fellini drama/fantasy GIULIETTA DEGLI SPIRITI (1965)
11/20/2003: reviewed the monster horror RAWHEAD REX (1986), from a Clive Barker script
11/19/2003: reviewed John McNaughton's disturbing HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER (1986)
11/18/2003: reviewed the forgettable TV disaster drama CRASH (1978)
11/16/2003: reviewed the popular horror classic THE OMEN (1976)
11/16/2003: reviewed George Miller's grandly filmed MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME (1985)
11/16/2003: reviewed Quentin Tarantino's eccentric movie comeback KILL BILL: VOL. 1 (2003)
11/15/2003: reviewed George Miller's dark, almost bizarre sequel BABE: PIG IN THE CITY (1998)
11/14/2003: reviewed Tobe Hooper's laughable sci-fi horror remake INVADERS FROM MARS (1986)
11/13/2003: reviewed the poor Indonesian war movie PEMBALASAN SI PITUNG (1977)
11/12/2003: updated the Lost & Found page
11/12/2003: reviewed the okay Italian Bronson actioner CITTA VIOLENTA (1970)
11/12/2003: reviewed the amusing vampire comedy DRACULA PERE ET FILS (1976) starring Chris Lee
11/11/2003: reviewed the first Stephen King adaptation CARRIE (1976), one of the best
11/10/2003: reviewed the likable, episodic Louis de Funès comedy LE GRAND RESTAURANT (1966)
11/09/2003: reviewed the illogical, feeble horror thriller BLOODY BIRTHDAY (1981)
11/07/2003: reviewed the strikingly directed psycho drama WHITE OF THE EYE (1987)
11/07/2003: reviewed the static Belmondo/Delon gangster drama BORSALINO (1970)
11/06/2003: reviewed the lame ninja movie FORCE OF THE NINJA (1988)
11/06/2003: reviewed the okay sci-fi disaster thriller THE CORE (2003)
11/05/2003: added the Wachowski brothers to the directors index
11/05/2003: reviewed the inferior but still good sequel THE MATRIX RELOADED (2003)
11/03/2003: reviewed the good Stephen King adaptation STAND BY ME (1986)
11/02/2003: reviewed Jackie Chan's comedy SHANGHAI NOON (2000)
11/02/2003: reviewed the disappointing weirdo drama PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE (2002)
11/01/2003: there are now 2,337 capsule reviews online!

October 2003:

10/31/2003: reviewed the harrowing, intriguing zombie horror 28 DAYS LATER... (2002)
10/31/2003: reviewed the amusing teen movie spoof NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (2001)
10/30/2003: reviewed the snappy, fast-paced thriller PHONE BOOTH (2002)
10/30/2003: reviewed the star-studded French drama L'ARGENT DES AUTRES (1978)
10/30/2003: reviewed the popular but contrived comedy TWINS (1988)
10/30/2003: reviewed the visually stunning, highly aesthetic vampire movie THE HUNGER (1983)
10/28/2003: reviewed the not-bad slasher movie HOSPITAL MASSACRE (1981)
10/28/2003: reviewed the enjoyable Mel Gibson vehicle BIRD ON A WIRE (1990)
10/26/2003: reviewed the Coens' latest movie, the disappointing INTOLERABLE CRUELTY (2003)
10/25/2003: reviewed the poor horror movie BLOOD SALVAGE (1990)
10/25/2003: reviewed the okay mountain adventure VERTICAL LIMIT (2000)
10/24/2003: reviewed the highly interesting sci-fi drama LE CIEL SUR LA TETE (1965)
10/23/2003: reviewed John Carpenter's early TV thriller SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME! (1978)
10/22/2003: reviewed the amusing horror spoof BLADES (1989), a Troma release
10/21/2003: reviewed the weak crime drama GOD OF KILLERS (1981) starring Chow Yun-Fat
10/20/2003: reviewed Tony Scott's okay spy thriller SPY GAME (2001)
10/20/2003: reviewed Luis Bunuel's masterful classic BELLE DE JOUR (1967)
10/19/2003: reviewed the likable John Candy comedy COOL RUNNINGS (1993)
10/17/2003: reviewed Jess Franco's giallo variation SIE TÖTETE IN EKSTASE (1970)
10/15/2003: reviewed Ridley Scott's debut feature THE DUELLISTS (1977)
10/14/2003: reviewed pulp adventure drama THE ISLAND (1980) starring Michael Caine
10/13/2003: reviewed THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (1987); the Bond movie reviews are complete
10/12/2003: reviewed the not-bad Jess Franco vampire sex film LES AVALEUSES (1973)
10/11/2003: reviewed the okay animated science-fiction movie TITAN A.E. (2000)
10/10/2003: reviewed the okay Eminem showcase 8 MILE (2002)
10/09/2003: reviewed the atrocious, unfunny werewolf comedy FULL MOON HIGH (1981)
10/07/2003: reviewed the ludicrous but interesting horror concoction THE MANITOU (1978)
10/06/2003: reviewed the big but disappointing action drama THE PERFECT STORM (2000)
10/05/2003: reviewed the sexy, violent, entertaining B-actioner NAKED WEAPON (2002)
10/05/2003: reviewed THE FOUR FEATHERS (2002), an exquisitely filmed adventure remake
10/04/2003: reviewed the not-bad horror movie debut CLEARWATER (2003)
10/03/2003: reviewed the better-than-average peplum epic ARRIVANO I TITANI (1961)
10/02/2003: reviewed the lame gold heist movie L'ORO DI LONDRA (1967)
10/01/2003: reviewed Tsui Hark's mess of a horror movie THE ERA OF VAMPIRE (2002)
10/01/2003: currently there are 2,303 capsule reviews online!

September 2003:

09/29/2003: reviewed the box-office hit THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (2001)
09/28/2003: reviewed the formulaic, predictable romance MAID IN MANHATTAN (2002)
09/26/2003: added movie review #2,300: the low-rent buddy movie IMPATTO MORTALE (1984)
09/26/2003: reviewed the okay documentary HOME MOVIE (2001)
09/25/2003: reviewed Alan Parker's recent drama THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE (2003)
09/24/2003: reviewed Alexander Mackendrick's delightful beach comedy DON'T MAKE WAVES (1967)
09/22/2003: reviewed the superbly photographed adventure drama MOONFLEET (1955)
09/21/2003: reviewed the bad WW2 sex movie TRAIN SPECIAL POUR SS (1977)
09/20/2003: reviewed the engrossing, superbly directed drama THE HOURS (2002)
09/19/2003: reviewed the quite good war adventure WHERE EAGLES DARE (1968)
09/14/2003: reviewed Joe D'Amato's nunsploitation movie LA MONACA NEL PECCATO (1986)
09/14/2003: reviewed Steven Spielberg's first-rate blockbuster JURASSIC PARK (1993)
09/14/2003: reviewed the refreshing Cameron Crowe comedy drama SINGLES (1992)
09/12/2003: reviewed the awful D'Amato movie RITORNO DALLA MORTE (1991) aka FRANKENSTEIN 2000
09/12/2003: reviewed the not-bad, well-acted revenge thriller WOLF LAKE (1978)
09/11/2003: reviewed the interesting Italian gothic melodrama LIBIDO (1965)
09/09/2003: reviewed the well-acted, interesting thriller SEA OF LOVE (1989)
09/09/2003: reviewed the boring, derivative sci-fi horror movie THE OUTPOST (1995), aka MIND RIPPER
09/06/2003: reviewed the poor DEATH WISH-like thriller THE HUMAN FACTOR (1975)
09/04/2003: reviewed the not-bad B-sci-fi horror CREATURE (1985) starring Klaus Kinski
09/02/2003: reviewed the slow, hardly interesting drama PILE OU FACE (1980) starring Michel Serrault
09/01/2003: reviewed the disappointing cult western SE SEI VIVO SPARA (1967) aka DJANGO, KILL!
09/01/2003: there are now 2,280 capsule reviews online!

August 2003:

08/31/2003: reviewed Roman Polanski's brilliant psycho drama / horror film THE TENANT (1976)
08/30/2003: reviewed Lewis Gilbert's good psycho drama CAST A DARK SHADOW (1957)
08/29/2003: reviewed the terrible Jackie Chan movie THE KILLER METEORS (1978)
08/28/2003: reviewed the fairly well-made Bruce Willis vehicle HUDSON HAWK (1991)
08/27/2003: reviewed the not-bad BLOB-like movie BIJO TO EKITAININGEN (1958) aka THE H-MAN
08/26/2003: added Alberto De Martino to the directors index
08/25/2003: reviewed the big-budget/no-brain TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (2003)
08/25/2003: reviewed the heavy-going psycho drama LE TRIO INFERNAL (1974)
08/25/2003: reviewed the quite good war adventure DALLE ARDENNE ALL'INFERNO (1967)
08/23/2003: reviewed the poor thriller CRAWLSPACE (1986) starring Klaus Kinski
08/22/2003: Ron Altman proudly presents: The Top 70 of the BEST Cult Movies
08/22/2003: reviewed the little-known, thoughtful war drama LA PORTA DEL CANNONE (1969)
08/21/2003: reviewed the unlikely but well-written thriller A MURDER OF CROWS (1999)
08/18/2003: reviewed the good spy thriller THE BOURNE IDENTITY (2002)
08/17/2003: reviewed the so-bad-it's-funny horror comedy NIGHTMARE SISTERS (1987)
08/15/2003: reviewed the uninspired sequel MANIAC COP 2 (1990)
08/15/2003: reviewed Sergio Martino's minor war adventure CASABLANCA EXPRESS (1988)
08/14/2003: reviewed Umberto Lenzi's (not so good) mega-war-movie IL GRANDE ATTACCO (1977)
08/13/2003: a Top 50 list of the BEST Cult Movies is currently in the making ...
08/11/2003: reviewed Curtis Harrington's poorly paced psycho drama THE KILLING KIND (1973)
08/10/2003: reviewed Richard Stanley's flawed sci-fi horror film HARDWARE (1990)
08/10/2003: reviewed Ingmar Bergman's excellent psycho drama PERSONA (1966)
08/09/2003: reviewed the tame horror movie COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE (1970)
08/07/2003: reviewed the barely watchable giallo GLI ASSASSINI SONO NOSTRI OSPITI (1974)
08/07/2003: reviewed the abysmal Jackie Chan movie THE FEARLESS HYENA PART II (1983)
08/07/2003: reviewed the absurdly funny trash adventure THE LOST EMPIRE (1985)
08/05/2003: reviewed Roman Polanski's little known satire CHE? aka WHAT? (1972)
08/04/2003: reviewed the odd obscurity SCORPION THUNDERBOLT (1985), a snake horror movie
08/03/2003: reviewed the bad Mexican zombie movie CEMENTERIO DEL TERROR (1985)
08/01/2003: reviewed Steven Spielberg's latest misfire CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (2002)
08/01/2003: for the moment, there are 2,253 capsule reviews online!

July 2003:

07/31/2003: reviewed the awful prison flick ESCAPE FROM HELLHOLE (1983)
07/29/2003: reviewed the fine documentary STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES (2001)
07/28/2003: reviewed the trash actioner THE SERPENT WARRIORS (1985)
07/27/2003: reviewed the good horror/action yarn PREDATOR (1987)
07/26/2003: reviewed the not-bad sequel LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED, WHITE & BLONDE (2003)
07/25/2003: reviewed Alberto De Martino's not-bad horror HOLOCAUST 2000 (1977)
07/24/2003: reviewed the okay Jess Franco movie LA NOCHE DE LOS ASESINOS (1976)
07/22/2003: reviewed the informative horror documentary THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000)
07/22/2003: reviewed the interesting "documentary" OPERATION LUNE (2002)
07/21/2003: reviewed Christopher Nolan's first-rate remake INSOMNIA (2002)
07/20/2003: reviewed the interesting gothic zombie flick LA ORGIA DE LOS MUERTOS (1973)
07/19/2003: reviewed the odd British biker horror PSYCHOMANIA (1971)
07/18/2003: reviewed the interesting giallo RIVELAZIONI DI UN MANIACO SESSUALE... (1972)
07/18/2003: reviewed the well-made, unpredictable thriller BEST LAID PLANS (1999)
07/17/2003: reviewed the poor spaghetti western EXECUTION (1968)
07/16/2003: reviewed the interesting but trashy Greek actioner TO KORITSI VOMVA (1976)
07/16/2003: reviewed the interesting surreal satire LE MAITRE NAGEUR (1978)
07/16/2003: reviewed the poor but watchable thriller THE SKULLS (2000)
07/16/2003: reviewed the quite good Agatha Christie whodunit EVIL UNDER THE SUN (1982)
07/16/2003: reviewed the okay spaghetti western IL BIANCO, IL GIALLO, IL NERO (1975)
07/03/2003: reviewed the terrible sci-fi wannabe FUTURE-KILL (1985)
07/02/2003: reviewed Brian Yuzna's awful horror movie SOCIETY (1989)
07/01/2003: reviewed the lame comedy DROWNING MONA (2000)
07/01/2003: there are now 2,230 movie reviews online!

June 2003:

06/30/2003: reviewed the glossy but superficial screen bio ALI (2001)
06/29/2003: reviewed the minor but interesting werewolf chiller LYCANTHROPUS (1961)
06/26/2003: reviewed the poor Hong Kong comedy MR. BOO 2: THE PRIVATE EYES (1976)
06/24/2003: reviewed the at times powerful drama AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998)
06/24/2003: reviewed the funny AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER (2002)
06/24/2003: reviewed the mild satire THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES (1990)
06/22/2003: reviewed the horror DEATH HOUSE (1988), John Saxon's only film as a director
06/22/2003: reviewed the weak but watchable Jim Carrey comedy BRUCE ALMIGHTY (2003)
06/22/2003: reviewed Olaf Ittenbach's not-bad splatter horror BEYOND THE LIMITS (2003)
06/21/2003: reviewed the fine black comedy THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1991)
06/20/2003: reviewed the obnoxious comedy THE SWEETEST THING (2002) starring Cameron Diaz
06/19/2003: reviewed the lame sword-and-sandal film THARUS, FIGLIO DI ATTILA (1962)
06/18/2003: reviewed the western GLI FUMAVANO LE COLT... LO CHIAMAVANO CAMPOSANTO (1971)
06/16/2003: re-rated THE MATRIX (1999), it's now got three stars
06/15/2003: reviewed the original, exciting werewolf movie GINGER SNAPS (2000)
06/15/2003: reviewed the suspenseful Clint Eastwood thriller BLOOD WORK (2002)
06/15/2003: reviewed the intelligent, engrossing thriller drana ONE HOUR PHOTO (2002)
06/14/2003: reviewed Tobe Hooper's not-bad horror film NIGHT TERRORS (1993)
06/12/2003: reviewed Larry Cohen's poor thriller THE AMBULANCE (1990)
06/12/2003: reviewed John Woo's early eastern LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY (1978)
06/10/2003: reviewed the formidable Agatha Christie whodunit DEATH ON THE NILE (1978)
06/09/2003: reviewed the cult action drama VANISHING POINT (1971)
06/08/2003: reviewed the Italian exploitation flick LA BELVA DALLA CALDA PELLE (1982)
06/08/2003: reviewed Roman Polanski's brilliant horror masterpiece ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968)
06/07/2003: reviewed the godawful Hammer/Hong Kong coproduction SHATTER (1974)
06/07/2003: reviewed the popular but episodic fantasy JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (1963)
06/06/2003: reviewed Wes Craven's engrossing drama(!) MUSIC OF THE HEART (1999)
06/05/2003: reviewed the interesting giallo-descendant 7, HYDEN PARK. LA CASA MALEDETTA (1985)
06/03/2003: reviewed the interesting eastern RETURN OF THE 5 DEADLY VENOMS (1978)
06/02/2003: reviewed the okay drama I DREAMED OF AFRICA (2000)
06/01/2003: reviewed the disappointing Bond movie GOLDENEYE (1995)
06/01/2003: added movie review 2,200: Fernando Di Leo's thriller I PADRONI DELLA CITTA (1976)
06/01/2003: there are 2,199 movie reviews online!

May 2003:

05/31/2003: reviewed the corny B-action drama SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (1975)
05/31/2003: reviewed the pleasant-enough animated feature SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON (2002)
05/29/2003: I'm currently sponsoring a minor film festival, here's the link:
05/29/2003: reviewed the pretty absurd but not-bad horror movie THE BEAST WITHIN (1982)
05/28/2003: reviewed the likable but overlong comedy BLAST FROM THE PAST (1999)
05/26/2003: reviewed a 77m. version of the solid war drama IL DITO NELLA PIAGA (1969)
05/25/2003: reviewed Chang Cheh's action drama DUEL OF THE IRON FIST (1971)
05/25/2003: reviewed the deliriously perverted giallo DELIRIO CALDO (1972)
05/24/2003: reviewed the sensuous but slowly paced drama KAMA SUTRA: A TALE OF LOVE (1996)
05/23/2003: reviewed the amateurish Jean Rollin trash LES TROTTOIRS DE BANGKOK (1984)
05/22/2003: reviewed the poor Hong Kong actioner FOR WHOM TO BE MURDERED (1978)
05/21/2003: reviewed the interesting giallo MALASTRANA (1971) aka SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS
05/20/2003: reviewed the little-known, chilling horror film GHOSTKEEPER (1981)
05/18/2003: reviewed Robert Altman's overlong but very elegant drama GOSFORD PARK (2001)
05/18/2003: reviewed Joe D'Amato's not-bad CALIGOLA: LA STORIA MAI RACCONTATA (1981)
05/16/2003: reviewed the cheap, hardly suspenseful horror thriller MADHOUSE (1974)
05/15/2003: reviewed the engrossing thriller BLACK SUNDAY (1977)
05/12/2003: reviewed the intelligent science-fiction drama THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (1976)
05/11/2003: reviewed the latest James Bond movie DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002)
05/10/2003: reviewed the spaghetti western IL WEST TI VA STRETTO... E ARRIVATO ALLELUJA (1972)
05/10/2003: reviewed Mike Newell's ordinary but watchable drama PUSHING TIN (1999)
05/10/2003: reviewed the fair disaster thriller ROLLERCOASTER (1977)
05/09/2003: reviewed John Boorman's eccentric comedy WHERE THE HEART IS (1990)
05/07/2003: reviewed the John Woo production SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME (1996)
05/05/2003: reviewed the nice romantic comedy COYOTE UGLY (2000)
05/05/2003: reviewed the slam-bang, no-brain action thriller DEMOLITION MAN (1993)
05/04/2003: reviewed the tame horror thriller MATINEE (1990) aka MIDNIGHT MATINEE
05/03/2003: reviewed the obnoxious adventure YELLOW HAIR AND THE FORTRESS OF GOLD (1984)
05/01/2003: reviewed Blake Edwards' epic comedy THE GREAT RACE (1965)
05/01/2003: there are now 2,171 capsule reviews online!

April 2003:

04/30/2003: reviewed the wildly plotted B-thriller TO KILL A STRANGER (1985)
04/27/2003: reviewed Henri Verneuil's trivial war drama WEEK-END A ZUYDCOOTE (1964)
04/27/2003: reviewed the technically interesting thriller OMICIDIO PER APPUNTAMENTO (1967)
04/25/2003: reviewed the less original but exciting sequel DIE HARD 2 (1990)
04/25/2003: reviewed the old-fashioned, likable comedy ROCKET TO THE MOON (1967)
04/24/2003: reviewed the exciting, grand-scale action comedy TRUE LIES (1994)
04/22/2003: reviewed the offensive Stephen King adaptation PET SEMATARY (1989)
04/22/2003: reviewed the intriguing little Canadian thriller SUDDEN FURY (1975)
04/21/2003: reviewed the terrible Spanish cannibal flick TERROR CANIBAL (1981)
04/20/2003: HAPPY EASTER!!!
04/20/2003: reviewed the barely watchable Italian Bond imitation CIFRATO SPECIALE (1966)
04/18/2003: reviewed the completely uninteresting thriller QUALCUNO HA TRADITO (1967)
04/18/2003: reviewed the not-bad horror thriller BURIED ALIVE (1990)
04/17/2003: reviewed the tame Hammer chiller SCARS OF DRACULA (1970)
04/16/2003: reviewed the acclaimed animated feature CHICKEN RUN (2000)
04/15/2003: reviewed Henri Verneuil's okay drama CENT MILLE DOLLARS AU SOLEIL (1963)
04/14/2003: reviewed the quite amusing teen comedy ORANGE COUNTY (2002)
04/13/2003: reviewed the stupid sequel FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN (1989)
04/12/2003: reviewed the okay Spanish giallo LA MUERTE LLAMA A LAS DIEZ (1974)
04/11/2003: reviewed Ruggero Deodato's shock classic CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979)
04/11/2003: reviewed the okay but suspenseless action thriller XXX (2002)
04/10/2003: reviewed the contrived Jim Carrey comedy LIAR, LIAR (1997)
04/09/2003: reviewed the interesting but outdated time-capsule PULP (1972)
04/08/2003: reviewed the standard Italian potboiler QUELLI DELLA CALIBRO 38 (1976)
04/06/2003: reviewed the interesting thriller FADE TO BLACK (1980)
04/04/2003: reviewed the offbeat, well-paced Hong Kong fantasy MAGIC COP (1990)
04/03/2003: reviewed the ultra-bad sex & crime thriller SCREAM, BABY, SCREAM (1969)
04/02/2003: sad news: Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung (A BETTER TOMORROW) has killed himself
04/02/2003: reviewed the fascinating sci-fi tale THE TERMINAL MAN (1974)
04/01/2003: there are now 2,144 movie reviews online!

March 2003:

03/30/2003: reviewed Joe D'Amato's post-apocalyptic sci-fi trash ENDGAME (1983)
03/29/2003: reviewed the superb Danish thriller NATTEVAGTEN (1994)
03/28/2003: reviewed the terrible ALIEN-clone INSEMINOID (1981) aka HORROR PLANET
03/27/2003: reviewed the enjoyable teen comedy 100 GIRLS (2000)
03/26/2003: reviewed Umberto Lenzi's harmless jungle comedy INCONTRO NELL'ULTIMO PARADISO (1982)
03/24/2003: Osc'rs: Polanski deserved the award, but Hollywood celebrating the Jews is getting boring
03/24/2003: reviewed the refreshing drama ABOUT A BOY (2002)
03/23/2003: added the Italian trash icon Umberto Lenzi to the directors index
03/22/2003: reviewed Lamberto Bava's watchable B-actioner BLASTFIGHTER (1984)
03/22/2003: reviewed the interesting but too talky sci-fi drama WHO? (1973)
03/20/2003: reviewed the disappointing Philip K. Dick adaptation MINORITY REPORT (2002)
03/19/2003: reviewed Umberto Lenzi's caveman actioner LA GUERRA DEL FUOCO - IRONMASTER (1982)
03/18/2003: reviewed the poor horror anthology TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE (1990)
03/18/2003: reviewed the derivative but effective horror THE SENTINEL (1977)
03/16/2003: reviewed the well-acted gangster drama STATE OF GRACE (1990)
03/16/2003: reviewed the longish but worthwhile revenge drama GANGS OF NEW YORK (2002)
03/15/2003: reviewed the weak comedy CHEECH & CHONG'S NICE DREAMS (1981)
03/14/2003: added the cult comedians Cheech & Chong to the directors index
03/13/2003: reviewed Jean Rollin's dreadful LE LAC DES MORTS VIVANTS (1980) aka ZOMBIE LAKE
03/13/2003: reviewed CAN'T HARDLY WAIT (1998), a typical teen comedy
03/12/2003: reviewed Cheech & Chong's fifth movie, STILL SMOKIN' (1983)
03/11/2003: reviewed the Stephen King/George Romero collaboration CREEPSHOW 2 (1987)
03/09/2003: reviewed Jacques Rivette's overlong fantasy drama CELINE ET JULIE VONT EN BATEAU (1974)
03/09/2003: reviewed the occasionally hilarious comedy RAT RACE (2001)
03/08/2003: reviewed the Oscar contender (Best Foreign Film) NIRGENDWO IN AFRIKA (2001)
03/07/2003: reviewed the evocative drama DAYS OF HEAVEN (1978) directed by Terrence Malick
03/04/2003: reviewed the intriguing Boris Karloff chiller THE MAN WHO CHANGED HIS MIND (1936)
03/04/2003: reviewed the violent action classic of the 80s DIE HARD (1988)
03/03/2003: reviewed the impressively directed, engrossing drama ROAD TO PERDITION (2002)
03/02/2003: reviewed the nice Louis de Funès comedy TAXI, ROULOTTE ET CORRIDA (1958)
03/02/2003: reviewed Joel Schumacher's strained action comedy BAD COMPANY (2002)
03/01/2003: there are now 2,116 capsule reviews online!

February 2003:

02/28/2003: reviewed Joseph Losey's excellent psycho drama SECRET CEREMONY (1968)
02/26/2003: reviewed Robert Fuest's confusing cult sci-fi THE FINAL PROGRAMME (1973)
02/23/2003: reviewed John Boorman's atmospheric, tense, powerful fantasy drama EXCALIBUR (1981)
02/23/2003: reviewed the subtle, intelligent drama ACCIDENT (1967) by Joseph Losey
02/22/2003: reviewed Martin Scorsese's first-rate drama/bio-pic RAGING BULL (1980)
02/22/2003: reviewed the funny sequel REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER (1978)
02/21/2003: reviewed the pretty awful horror cheapo DEATH DOLL (1989)
02/21/2003: reviewed the pretty nasty eco-horror flick FOOD OF THE GODS (1976)
02/21/2003: reviewed the hilarious Monty Python satire LIFE OF BRIAN (1979)
02/20/2003: reviewed the French art-house classic L'ANNEE DERNIERE A MARIENBAD (1961)
02/20/2003: reviewed the disastrous love drama HURRICANE (1979)
02/17/2003: reviewed the tired Italian actioner PAURA IN CITTA (1976) starring Maurizio Merli
02/16/2003: reviewed the sci-fi horror cult favorite THE HIDDEN (1987)
02/16/2003: reviewed John Woo's outstanding, exhausting BULLET IN THE HEAD (1990)
02/16/2003: reviewed the well-directed horror movie HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II (1987)
02/16/2003: reviewed Blake Edwards' funny THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN (1976)
02/15/2003: there are 2,100 movie reviews online!
02/15/2003: reviewed Lucio Fulci's sentimental western drama (!) I QUATTRO DELL'APOCALISSE (1975)
02/15/2003: reviewed the quirky, slow Jim Jarmusch concoction DOWN BY LAW (1986)
02/14/2003: reviewed the adventure classic THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932)
02/14/2003: reviewed the poorly directed horror thriller THE FLESH AND BLOOD SHOW (1972)
02/12/2003: reviewed the watchable muscleman movie LA VENDETTA DI URSUS (1961)
02/12/2003: reviewed the okay sequel LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III (1990)
02/11/2003: reviewed the terminally odd horror drama ...HANNO CAMBIATO FACCIA (1971)
02/10/2003: reviewed the crazy western comedy WILD WILD WEST (1999)
02/09/2003: reviewed Sylvester Stallone's perennially popular drama ROCKY (1976)
02/09/2003: reviewed the compelling war drama HART'S WAR (2002) starring Bruce Willis
02/08/2003: reviewed the erotic comedy MADAME UND IHRE NICHTE (1969) starring Edwige Fenech
02/07/2003: reviewed the contrived buddy comedy NOTHING TO LOSE (1997) starring Tim Robbins
02/06/2003: reviewed the farcical comedy CARAMBOLAGES (1963) starring Louis de Funès
02/06/2003: reviewed the (sort-of) cult classic DIRTY DANCING (1987)
02/06/2003: reviewed the nice remake LE AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO (1972)
02/04/2003: reviewed Tobe Hooper's wild sequel THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 (1986)
02/04/2003: reviewed the interesting but slow crime drama IL MOSTRO DI FIRENZE (1986)
02/04/2003: reviewed the notorious but awful slasher pic THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (1978)
02/02/2003: reviewed the interesting children's fantasy LE AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO (1947)
02/01/2003: added M. Night Shyamalan to the directors index
02/01/2003: reviewed the down-beat psychological drama LA CLASSE DE NIEGE (1998)
02/01/2003: there are now 2,080 movie reviews online!

January 2003:

01/31/2003: reviewed the simple-minded teen comedy 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS (2002)
01/31/2003: reviewed the poorly plotted action drama GOLD (1974) starring Roger Moore
01/31/2003: reviewed M. Night Shyamalan's excellent chiller SIGNS (2002)
01/30/2003: reviewed the obscure chiller ESTRATTO DAGLI ARCHIVI SEGRETTI DELLA POLIZIA... (1972)
01/28/2003: reviewed the pretty wild action comedy THE 51ST STATE (2001) by Ronny Yu
01/27/2003: reviewed the well-directed, stylish mystery horror VIDOCQ (2001)
01/26/2003: reviewed the good, typically American drama OCTOBER SKY (1999)
01/25/2003: reviewed Lucio Fulci's okay historical drama BEATRICE CENCI (1969)
01/24/2003: reviewed Umberto Lenzi's giallo GATTI ROSSI IN UN LABIRINTO DI VETRO (1975)
01/23/2003: reviewed the independently produced trash epic REFLECTIONS OF EVIL (2002)
01/23/2003: reviewed the trashy thriller THE SEDUCTION (1982)
01/22/2003: reviewed the nice George Romero/Stephen King collaboration CREEPSHOW (1982)
01/21/2003: reviewed the okay romantic comedy SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE (1999)
01/18/2003: reviewed the mysogynist revenge flick DAY OF THE WOMAN/I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978)
01/16/2003: reviewed the heist movie COLPO MAESTRO AL SERVIZIO DI SUA MAESTA BRITANNICA (1967)
01/16/2003: reviewed the trashy Jess Franco adventure DER TEUFEL KAM AUS AKASAWA (1971)
01/14/2003: reviewed the okay Drew Barrymore vehicle NEVER BEEN KISSED (1999)
01/14/2003: reviewed the absolutely uninteresting thriller DIE SCREAMING, MARIANNE (1971)
01/13/2003: reviewed the stunningly filmed, stylish LE PACTE DES LOUPS (2001)
01/12/2003: reviewed the contrived comedy SWEET HOME ALABAMA (2002)
01/11/2003: reviewed the interesting Poe adaptation IL GATTO NERO (1980) by Lucio Fulci
01/10/2003: reviewed the stylish sex & crime thriller FOTO PROIBITE DI UNA SIGNORA PER BENE (1970)
01/10/2003: reviewed the well-produced but ludicrous remake KING KONG (1976)
01/09/2003: reviewed the first-rate, fascinating drama LA RUPTURE (1970)
01/08/2003: reviewed the emotionally exhausting war drama SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993)
01/08/2003: reviewed the little known but not bad horror pic TWISTED BRAIN (1974)
01/06/2003: reviewed the well-paced political drama THE CONTENDER (2000)
01/05/2003: reviewed Riccardo Freda's moody Gothic horror chiller LO SPETTRO (1963)
01/05/2003: reviewed the crackerjack action thriller EXECUTIVE DECISION (1996)
01/04/2003: reviewed the bizarre cult movie gem MOTEL HELL (1980)
01/03/2003: reviewed Claude Chabrol's extraordinary adult drama LES BICHES (1968)
01/02/2003: added Corrado Farina (BABA YAGA) to the directors index (plus an interesting interview!)
01/02/2003: reviewed Danny Boyle's quite-good adventure drama THE BEACH (2000)
01/01/2003: reviewed Sam Raimi's disappointing SPIDER-MAN (2002)
01/01/2003: right now there are 2,047 movie reviews online!

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