La Vittima Designata (1971)

Vittima Designata, La (1971, ITA/FRA) C-100m. ** D: Maurizio Lucidi. Starring Tomas Milian, Pierre Clémenti, Marisa Bartoli, Bruno Boschetti, Sandra Cardini. Fairly interesting crime drama lifts its central idea off Hitchock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951), itself an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel. Unhappily married businessman Milian is baffled when stranger Clémenti offers to murder his wife in exchange for the assassination of his own brother. At first Milian is put off by the decadent, bored count, then circumstances force him to act accordingly. Medium giallo idles along, with main interest coming from melancholy classical score by Luis Enríquez Bacalov. Not bad, well-worth a look. Screenplay cowritten by Augusto Caminito, Aldo Lado and director Lucidi. English titles: THE DESIGNATED VICTIM and SLAM OUT.


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