La Plus Longue Nuit du Diable (1971)

Plus Longue Nuit du Diable, La (1971, BEL/ITA) C-93m. ** D: Jean Brismée. Starring Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Jacques Monseau, Ivana Novak, Lorenzo Terzon, Shirley Corrigan, Daniel Emilfork. A bunch of tourists are forced to spend the night at Servais' spooky castle, not knowing that an ancient curse rests on his family and a succubus (sexy demon) is among their company. Unusual, indulgent chiller has good score and great sets (love that wallpaper), but is too slow and obvious. Still, warmly recommended to fans of Euro sleaze. André Hunebelle (FANTOMAS) supervised this obscure Belgian-Italian coproduction. Also known as DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE, LA TERRIFICANTE NOTTE DEL DEMONIO, CASTLE OF DEATH, DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT, DEVIL'S LONGEST NIGHT, NIGHTMARE OF TERROR, SUCCUBUS and VAMPIRE PLAYGIRLS (there is actually a quite sexy lesbian love-making scene).

© Ron Altman