Atom Egoyan (*1960)

Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan's films are getting better and better. From his respected early films THE ADJUSTER (1991) and EXOTICA (1994) to his - for a man in his thirties - already masterful dramas THE SWEET HEREAFTER (1997) and FELICIA'S JOURNEY (1999). These dramas earned him comparisons with legendary French director Claude Chabrol. After his feature film debut, NEXT OF KIN (at the age of 24!), Egoyan also directed episodes for "The Twilight Zone", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Friday the 13th". He is next to David Cronenberg the most important Canadian filmmaker.

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Howard in Particular (1979; short)
After Grad with Dad (1980; short)
Peep Show (1981; short)
Open House (1982; short)
Next of Kin (1984; dir, scr, edit, prod, comus)
Knock! Knock! (1985; act)
Men: A Passion Playground (1985; short)
In This Corner (1985; dir; 60m.)
Family Viewing (1987; dir, scr, edit, prod)
Looking for Nothing (1988; dir, scr; short; made for TV)
Speaking Parts (1989; dir, scr, prod)
The Adjuster (1991; dir, scr, comus)
Montréal Vu Par... (1991; seq dir, seq scr)
Calendar (1993; dir, scr, cocin, edit, act, prod)
Gross Misconduct (1993; dir; made for TV)
Exotica (1994; dir, scr, prod)
Camilla (1994; act)
Curtis's Charm (1995; prod)
A Portrait of Arshile (1995; dir, act; short)
The Stupids (1996; act)
The Sweet Hereafter (1997; dir, scr, prod)
Bach Cello Suite #4: Sarabande (1997; dir; short)
Babyface (1998; prod)
Jack & Jill (1998; prod)
The Road to Elsewhere (1999; act as himself; short)
Formulas for Seduction: The Cinema of Atom Egoyan (1999; documentary)
Felicia's Journey (1999; dir, scr)
Krapp's Last Tape (2000; dir, edit; short; made for TV) The Line (2000; dir, scr; short)
Ararat (2002; dir, scr, prod)
Gambling, Gods and LSD (2002; exec prod)
Luck (2003; co-exec prod)
The Saddest Music in the World (2003; exec prod)
Foolproof (2003; exec prod)
Mouth to Mouth (2004; exec prod)
Sabah (2005; exec prod)
Where the Truth Lies (2005; dir, scr, exec prod)
Citadel (2006; dir, scr, prod, edit, cin; documentary)


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