Ercole L'Invincibile (1963)

Ercole l'Invincibile (1963, ITA) C-85m. SCOPE ** D: Al World (=Alvaro Mancori). Starring Dan Vadis, Spela Rozin, Carla Calò, Ken Clark, Hugo Arden (=Ugo Sasso). Strongman Hercules (Vadis) goes on a mission to defeat a dragon and take his smallest, magical tooth. However, when the Royal Family is abducted, he must enter a subterranean kingdom and rescue them along with the princess he is in love with. Uneven but nicely nave spectacle is more of an adventure than other entries in the sword-and-sandal genre and sometimes even creates a sense of awe and wonder. While far from being a good movie, this one may be enjoyed by kids (who'll certainly chuckle at the antics of Herc's bumbling sidekick). Vadis is earnest in title role. Also known as HERCULES AGAINST THE ELEPHANTS' EMPIRE, HERCULES THE INVINCIBLE, and SON OF HERCULES IN THE LAND OF DARKNESS.


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