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December 2005:

12/31/2005: reviewed 316 movies this past year, bringing the total to 3,033 capsule reviews!
12/31/2005: reviewed the quite funny adaptation THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (2002)
12/31/2005: reviewed the lame sect horror SCARAB (1982)
12/31/2005: reviewed the quite good Spanish serial killer thriller AL LIMITE (1997)
12/29/2005: reviewed the interesting but pretentious cult mystery DEATH AND THE COMPASS (1992/1996)
12/28/2005: reviewed Alfred Hitchcock's good, not great latter-day thriller FRENZY (1972)
12/28/2005: reviewed William Castle's last movie, the eco-horror thriller BUG (1975)
12/28/2005: reviewed the cute but dramatically pat THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (1995)
12/26/2005: reviewed Alfred Hitchcock's inadequate last film FAMILY PLOT (1976)
12/24/2005: Merry Christmas to all my readers!
12/23/2005: reviewed the okay Wiliam Castle thriller I SAW WHAT YOU DID (1965)
12/23/2005: reviewed the second-rate crime meller LA CITTA SCONVOLTA... (1975)
12/21/2005: reviewed the rather weak Naschy horror EL GRAN AMOR DEL CONDE DRACULA (1973)
12/19/2005: reviewed the slightly substandard police movie SQUADRA ANTISCIPPO (1976)
12/18/2005: reviewed the superbly shot road movie drama THE GODDESS OF 1967 (2002)
12/16/2005: reviewed the overrated Shaw Brothers actioners FIVE DEADLY VENOMS (1978)
12/14/2005: reviewed the gory splatter sci-fi RETURN OF THE ALIENS: THE DEADLY SPAWN (1983)
12/10/2005: reviewed Alberto de Martino's I FAMILIARI DELLE VITTIME NON SARANNO AVVERTITI (1972)
12/10/2005: reviewed the fine Euro-horror classic HORROR EXPRESS (1973)
12/08/2005: reviewed the heavy-going drama LES MARINS PERDUS (2003)
12/07/2005: reviewed the quite amusing horror comedy THE COMEDY OF TERRORS (1964)
12/04/2005: reviewed the delightful Christmas movie THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
12/02/2005: reviewed the barely watchable horror over-indulgence FATAL FRAMES (1996)
12/01/2005: currently there are 3,012 capsule reviews available

November 2005:

11/30/2005: reviewed the stylish, passionate martial arts epic WHAT PRICE SURVIVAL (1994)
11/28/2005: reviewed the totally contrived romantic comedy LAWS OF ATTRACTION (2004)
11/26/2005: reviewed the modest drama LA MANO NERA - PRIMA DELLA MAFIA, PIU DELLA MAFIA (1973)
11/26/2005: reviewed the okay TV horror pilot GOOD AGAINST EVIL (1977)
11/26/2005: reviewed the bad horror movie THE RETURNING (1983)
11/26/2005: reviewed the nutty John Waters satire HAIRSPRAY (1988)
11/24/2005: reviewed the okay cartoon feature JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS (1999)
11/23/2005: reviewed the interesting chiller HONOGURAI MIZU NO SOKO KARA (2002) aka DARK WATER
11/22/2005: reviewed the ultra-bad Jess Franco horror cheapo L'EVENTREUR DE NOTRE-DAME (1979)
11/20/2005: reviewed the atrocious romantic comedy MONSTER-IN-LAW (2005)
11/20/2005: reviewed the moody, not uneffective RINGU prequel RINGU 0 (2000)
11/19/2005: reviewed the W.I.P. cult classic THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971)
11/16/2005: added review 3,000: the classic C'ERA UNA VOLTA IL WEST (1968)... I also turned 30 today
11/15/2005: reviewed the fast-paced Disney effort ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951)
11/15/2005: reviewed the plodding Hitchcock spy drama TOPAZ (1969)
11/13/2005: reviewed the fine kids' adventure, the animated RESAN TILL MELONIA (1989)
11/12/2005: reviewed the second-rate horror comedy GHOULIES (1985)
11/12/2005: finally reviewed the original Japanese horror hit RINGU (1998)
11/10/2005: reviewed the Takashi Miike absurdity GOKUDO SENGOKUSHI: FUDO (1996)
11/07/2005: reviewed the well-acted but contrived Hollywood drama CHANGING LANES (2002)
11/06/2005: reviewed the Japanese erotic psycho drama JITSUROKU ABE SADA (1975)
11/06/2005: reviewed the German documentary STERBEN IM REICH DER WOLLUST (2005)
11/04/2005: reviewed the ludicrous horror thriller PLAY DEAD (1985)
11/03/2005: reviewed the slightly sub-standard spaghetti western MINNESOTA CLAY (1964)
11/02/2005: reviewed the gory but slowly paced horror thriller NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR (1969)
11/01/2005: reviewed the Hammer Films' A CHALLENGE FOR ROBIN HOOD (1967)
11/01/2005: currently there are 2,986 capsule reviews online!

October 2005:

10/31/2005: reviewed the longish but funny Eddie Murphy comedy COMING TO AMERICA (1988)
10/29/2005: reviewed the quite pleasant romantic comedy ABOUT ADAM (2000)
10/29/2005: reviewed the stunning Hitchcock psycho drama MARNIE (1964)
10/28/2005: reviewed the cheap horror thriller trash BLOOD LEGACY (1971)
10/27/2005: all reviews of the last two weeks are now online, please see below!
10/26/2005: reviewed the poorly plotted Spanish horror UNA VELA PARA EL DIABLO (1973)
10/25/2005: reviewed the okay Edgar Wallace adaptation CIRCUS OF FEAR (1966)
10/24/2005: reviewed the standard B-thriller DIE SISTER, DIE! (1972)
10/23/2005: reviewed the kind of disappointing blockbuster BATMAN BEGINS (2005)
10/21/2005: reviewed the Russian horror blockbuster NOCHNOY DOZOR (2004)
10/20/2005: reviewed the effective, atmospheric thriller THE HITCHER (1986)
10/19/2005: reviewed the amusing Louis de Funès comedy NI VU, NI CONNU (1958)
10/18/2005: reviewed the nice William Castle mystery THE NIGHT WALKER (1964)
10/17/2005: reviewed the manipulative, overlong action drama WALKING TALL (1973)
10/16/2005: reviewed the hardly watchable monster movie LA FIGLIA DI FRANKENSTEIN (1971)
10/15/2005: reviewed the good Sergio Sollima spaghetti western FACCIA A FACCIA (1967)
10/14/2005: reviewed the likable romantic comedy MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING (2002)
10/12/2005: reviewed the atmospheric Russian horror movie classic VIY (1967)
10/10/2005: reviewed the superbly designed computer animated feature ROBOTS (2005)
10/10/2005: reviewed the terrible spaghetti western ABRE TU FOSA, AMIGO, LLEGA SABATA (1971)
10/08/2005: reviewed the fairly good Hammer horror VAMPIRE CIRCUS (1972)
10/07/2005: reviewed the unique little cult movie I WAS A ZOMBIE FOR THE F.B.I. (1982)
10/06/2005: reviewed the pretty dreary crime drama THE HOT TOUCH (1982)
10/05/2005: reviewed the earnest mafia drama IL PENTITO (1985)
10/04/2005: reviewed the painfully anachronistic Disney version of HERCULES (1997)
10/02/2005: reviewed the funny Michael Moore-ish documentary SUPER SIZE ME (2004)
10/02/2005: reviewed the interesting, well-acted character drama CLOSER (2004)
10/01/2005: reviewed the flavorful but uneven historical mafia drama I GUAPPI (1974)
10/01/2005: currently there are 2,959 capsule reviews online!

September 2005:

09/30/2005: reviewed the good Hammer horror THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES (1966)
09/30/2005: reviewed the acclaimed Japanese pop-art gangster classic TOKYO NAGAREMONO (1966)
09/28/2005: reviewed the abysmal horror trash WITCHERY (1988)
09/26/2005: reviewed the okay if hard-to-take horror thriller THE STEPFATHER (1987)
09/25/2005: reviewed the above average blaxploitation flick SLAUGHTER (1972)
09/25/2005: reviewed the rather idiotic horror EVILSPEAK (1981)
09/23/2005: reviewed the poor slasher movie DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (1980)
09/22/2005: reviewed the quite funny western comedy CARAMBOLA, FILOTTO... TUTTI IN BUCA (1975)
09/22/2005: reviewed the barely watchable underwater adventure EVIL IN THE DEEP (1976)
09/20/2005: reviewed the ridiculous fantasy adventure ATOR, L'INVINCIBILE (1982)
09/18/2005: reviewed George A. Romero's ambitious but slow MONKEY SHINES (1988)
09/17/2005: reviewed the interesting crime/police movie I RAGAZZI DEL MASSACRO (1969)
09/15/2005: reviewed the interesting giallo-like thriller UN PAR DE ZAPATOS DEL '32 (1974)
09/15/2005: reviewed the quite good James Bond imitation UN COLPO DA MILLE MILIARDI (1966)
09/13/2005: reviewed the riveting horror thriller SAW (2004)
09/13/2005: reviewed the nice heist comedy OPERAZIONE SAN GENNARO (1966)
09/11/2005: reviewed the contrived but amusing MEET THE FOCKERS (2004)
09/10/2005: reviewed the okay mafia drama CENTO GIORNI A PALERMO (1984)
09/09/2005: reviewed the fairish spaghetti western AL DI LA DELLA LEGGE (1968)
09/08/2005: reviewed the okay slasher horror BERSERKER (1987)
09/05/2005: reviewed the uneven, quite good spy thriller THE DIRTY GAME (1965)
09/04/2005: reviewed the martial arts classic DRAGON GATE INN (1966)
09/03/2005: reviewed the talky, disappointing TV pilot WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE RESURRECTION (1988)
09/02/2005: reviewed George A. Romero's zombie feast LAND OF THE DEAD (2005)
09/01/2005: currently there are 2,935 capsule reviews online!

August 2005:

08/31/2005: reviewed the inept horror comedy GHOST FEVER (1987)
08/30/2005: reviewed the almost good film noir spoof THE MAN WITH BOGART'S FACE (1980)
08/28/2005: reviewed the barely okay eastern LUNG WEI VILLAGE (1980)
08/28/2005: reviewed the predictable, contrived romantic comedy MUST LOVE DOGS (2005)
08/27/2005: reviewed the marvelous, touching Tim Burton fantasy BIG FISH (2003)
08/26/2005: reviewed the rather average eastern OF COOKS AND KUNG FU (1979)
08/25/2005: reviewed the okay thriller TARGET OF AN ASSASSIN (1976)
08/24/2005: reviewed James Toback's shallow, pretentious drama LOVE AND MONEY (1982)
08/23/2005: reviewed the terrible Troma action TROMA'S WAR (1988)
08/22/2005: reviewed Jean Rollin's poor vampire fantasy LEVRES DE SANG (1975)
08/21/2005: reviewed the difficult to watch but powerful cult western KEOMA (1976)
08/19/2005: reviewed the visually beautiful martial arts fantasy THE LEGEND OF EVIL LAKE (2003)
08/17/2005: reviewed the agreeable Italian war adventure I 7 DI MARSA MATRUH (1970)
08/16/2005: reviewed Jonathan Glazer's quietly fascinating psycho drama BIRTH (2004)
08/16/2005: reviewed the Michael Mann thriller COLLATERAL (2004)
08/15/2005: reviewed the gory made-for-TV stinker BLOOD CULT (1985)
08/15/2005: reviewed the teenage sex film LITTLE GIRL... BIG TEASE (1977)
08/15/2005: reviewed the fast-paced but contrived adventure NATIONAL TREASURE (2004)
08/14/2005: reviewed the good historical drama IL DELITTO MATTEOTTI (1973)
08/13/2005: reviewed the poor low-budget shocker DAWN OF THE MUMMY (1981)
08/12/2005: reviewed the ponderous French crime drama UN ALLER SIMPLE (1971)
08/11/2005: reviewed the stupid teen horror comedy IDLE HANDS (1999)
08/10/2005: reviewed the blood-drenched but unconvincing British horror TERROR (1978)
08/09/2005: reviewed the dull sci-fi thriller EQUILIBRIUM (2002)
08/08/2005: reviewed the watchable action/revenge movie DJANGO 2: IL GRANDE RITORNO (1987)
08/07/2005: reviewed Jean-Pierre Jeunet's outstanding UN LONG DIMANCHE DE FIANCAILLES (2004)
08/06/2005: reviewed the watchable Umberto Lenzi horror LA CASA 3 - GHOSTHOUSE (1987)
08/05/2005: reviewed the Lucio Fulci-produced horror THE CURSE (1987)
08/05/2005: reviewed the low-key but well-acted, moody thriller drama THE DEEP END (2001)
08/03/2005: reviewed the quite amusing spy spoof CHINOS Y MINIFALDAS (1967)
08/02/2005: reviewed the all-star dud POPPIES ARE ALSO FLOWERS (1966)
08/01/2005: currently there are 2,904 capsule reviews online!

July 2005:

07/31/2005: reviewed the quite good pre-Leone western EL SABOR DE LA VENGENZA (1963)
07/29/2005: reviewed the terrific Disney adventure BROTHER BEAR (2003)
07/28/2005: reviewed the Japanese torture movie TOKUGAWA ONNA KEIBATSU-SHI (1968)
07/27/2005: reviewed the leisurely paced but likable western TUTTI FRATELLI NEL WEST... (1972)
07/27/2005: there are now 2,900 capsule reviews online!
07/26/2005: reviewed the entertaining romantic comedy HITCH (2005)
07/25/2005: reviewed the trashy actioner PROVINCIA VIOLENTA (1978)
07/25/2005: reviewed the watchable emancipation comedy JULIETTE ET JULIETTE (1974)
07/25/2005: reviewed the preposterous action comedy MR. & MRS. SMITH (2005)
07/24/2005: new giallo titles: GIORNI D'AMORE SUL FILO... (1973), AL TROPICO DEL CANCRO (1972)
07/23/2005: reviewed the obnoxious THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE (2004)
07/22/2005: reviewed the quite good Umberto Lenzi western UNA PISTOLA PER CENTO BARE (1968)
07/21/2005: reviewed the not very involving biography FINDING NEVERLAND (2004)
07/20/2005: reviewed the terribly plotted adventure TEX WILLER E IL SIGNORE DEGLI ABISSI (1985)
07/19/2005: reviewed the rather poor sword-and-sandal epic LA LEGGENDA DI ENEA (1962)
07/18/2005: reviewed the okay action drama MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS (1977)
07/17/2005: reviewed the pointless remake DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004)
07/16/2005: reviewed the atrocious South African actioner OPERATION HIT SQUAD (1987)
07/15/2005: reviewed the well-designed animated feature MADAGASCAR (2005)
07/14/2005: reviewed the diverting caper PERFECT FRIDAY (1970)
07/12/2005: reviewed the hellishly funny horror spoof SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004)
07/11/2005: reviewed the cute but uneven animated feature LA PROPHETIE DES GRENOUILLES (2003)
07/11/2005: reviewed the good crime caper $ (DOLLARS) (1972) by Richard Brooks
07/11/2005: reviewed the funny underwater comedy SHARK TALE (2004)
07/10/2005: reviewed the funny crime comedy HAPPY, TEXAS (1999)
07/10/2005: reviewed the Hungarian historical animated feature SZAFFI (1986)
07/10/2005: reviewed the mean-spirited, overly destructive Pixar hit THE INCREDIBLES (2004)
07/09/2005: reviewed the quite good horror anthology TALES FROM THE HOOD (1995)
07/08/2005: reviewed the not-bad Czechoslovakian thriller RETEZ (1981)
07/07/2005: reviewed the astounding fairy tale/fantasy LUMIKUNGATAR (1986)
07/07/2005: reviewed the crude, poorly animated fairy tale MALA CARODEJNICE (1986)
07/05/2005: reviewed the violent but standard cop thriller LA POLIZIA E SCONFITTA (1977)
07/04/2005: reviewed the ultra-boring jungle romance EL HOMBRE DEL GRAN RIO (1982)
07/03/2005: reviewed the poor, sadistic thriller DEADLY SUNDAY (1982)
07/03/2005: reviewed the rather obnoxious action comedy KUNYONGA - MORD IN AFRIKA (1986)
07/02/2005: reviewed the nice Agatha Christie whodunit TEN LITTLE INDIANS (1965)
07/02/2005: reviewed the quite atmospheric but cheap ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (1959)
07/01/2005: at the moment there are 2,869 capsule reviews online!

June 2005:

06/30/2005: reviewed the unexpectedly good PSYCHO II (1983)
06/29/2005: reviewed the searing, realistic drama MONSTER (2003)
06/28/2005: reviewed the flat suburban satire THE STEPFORD WIVES (2004)
06/28/2005: reviewed the cult candidate horror thriller THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (2004)
06/26/2005: reviewed the early Roger Corman classic A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959)
06/25/2005: reviewed the hilarious sci-fi spoof SPACEBALLS (1987)
06/24/2005: reviewed the okay prison drama BROKEDOWN PALACE (1999)
06/23/2005: modified the review of Umberto Lenzi's LA BANDA DEL GOBBO (1977)
06/23/2005: reviewed Umberto Lenzi's fast-paced cop thriller ROMA A MANO ARMATO (1976)
06/23/2005: reviewed the well-made historical epic ALEXANDER (2004)
06/22/2005: reviewed the quite good crime drama LA POLIZIA INTERVIENE: ORDINE DI UCCIDERE! (1975)
06/21/2005: reviewed the tacky, naive but colorful costumer LA CORTIGIANA DI BABILONIA (1955)
06/21/2005: reviewed the dramatically flat German war drama DIE WERWÖLFE (1973)
06/19/2005: reviewed the strictly standard actioner STREET PEOPLE (1976)
06/18/2005: reviewed the poor prison escape movie WOMEN UNCHAINED (1974)
06/17/2005: reviewed the overlong biographical drama RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS (2001)
06/15/2005: reviewed the amusing Jean-Paul Belmondo comedy L'INCORRIGIBLE (1975)
06/15/2005: reviewed the fine Disney feature BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991)
06/14/2005: reviewed the uninteresting Mexican actioner RAFAGA DE PLOMO (1985)
06/12/2005: reviewed the okay Greek war drama I MESOGIOS FLEGETE (1970)
06/11/2005: added a new giallo to the list: L'UOMO PIU VELENOSO DEL COBRA (1971)
06/10/2005: reviewed the Hercules adventure LA SFIDA DEI GIGANTI (1965)
06/09/2005: reviewed the amusing spy comedy SLALOM (1965)
06/06/2005: reviewed the weak James Bond clone PASSWORD: UCCIDETE AGENTE GORDON (1966)
06/05/2005: reviewed the fast-paced exciting SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS (2003)
06/04/2005: reviewed the weak Lucky Luke adventure DAISY TOWN (1971)
06/03/2005: reviewed the fine Oscar-winning animated feature SPIRITED AWAY (2001)
06/03/2005: reviewed the boring actioner VIGILANTE FORCE (1976)
06/02/2005: reviewed the worthless Steven Seagal actioner BELLY OF THE BEAST (2003)
06/01/2005: currently there are 2,841 capsule reviews online!

May 2005:

05/30/2005: reviewed the interesting Richard Linklater experiment TAPE (2001)
05/30/2005: reviewed the quite good gothic chiller CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1973)
05/29/2005: reviewed the disappointing Disney sequel PETER PAN: RETURN TO NEVER LAND (2002)
05/27/2005: reviewed the neo film noir LA CHAIR DE LA ORCHIDEE (1975)
05/26/2005: reviewed the not-so-hot blaxploitation classic SUPERFLY (1972)
05/25/2005: reviewed the boring, bland relationship drama NOUS NE VIEILLIRONS PAS ENSEMBLE (1972)
05/24/2005: reviewed the dialogue-driven, well-acted crime drama MAX ET LES FERRAILLEURS (1971)
05/22/2005: reviewed the thrilling, Spielbergian kids' adventure THE GOONIES (1985)
05/22/2005: reviewed the poor serpent horror SPASMS (1983)
05/21/2005: reviewed the obscure, inept drug thriller REVOLT (1985)
05/20/2005: reviewed the good mystery chiller QUALCOSA STRISCIA NEL BUIO (1971)
05/19/2005: added a new giallo to the list: LA ROSSA DALLA PELLE CHE SCOTTA (1971)
05/19/2005: reviewed the weak TV disaster FLIGHT 90: DISASTER ON THE POTOMAC (1984)
05/17/2005: reviewed the Japanese horror chiller UZUMAKI (2000) aka SPIRAL
05/15/2005: reviewed the interesting Renoir chiller LE TESTAMENT DU DOCTEUR CORDELIER (1959)
05/14/2005: reviewed the weak horror movie EL JOROBARDO DE LA MORGUE (1973)
05/13/2005: reviewed the overlong but interesting thriller NEWS - EIN BERICHT ÜBER... (1986)
05/11/2005: reviewed the heavy-handed Shakespeare adaptation OTHELLO, EL COMANDO NEGRO (1982)
05/10/2005: reviewed the cult war satire CATCH-22 (1970)
05/10/2005: reviewed the lame biker action drama WILD REBELS (1967)
05/09/2005: reviewed the quite nice Disney classic THE ARISTOCATS (1970)
05/08/2005: reviewed Dennis Hopper's biker cult movie THE GLORY STOMPERS (1968)
05/06/2005: reviewed the fascinating adult sci-fi OPERATION GANYMED (1977) by Rainer Erler
05/05/2005: reviewed the interesting giallo ALLA RICERCA DEL PIACERE (1972)
05/04/2005: reviewed the unconvincing eco thriller DAS SCHÖNE ENDE DIESER WELT (1984)
05/03/2005: reviewed the extremely weask Bond imitation TIFFANY MEMORANDUM (1967)
05/02/2005: number of capsule reviews available: 2,816

April 2005:

04/30/2005: modified the review of the excellent psycho drama THE COLLECTOR (1965)
04/29/2005: reviewed the good giallo-related thriller LA CORRUPCION DE CHRIS MILLER (1973)
04/28/2005: reviewed the barely okay horror thriller SISTERS OF DEATH (1977)
04/26/2005: reviewed the boring peplum epic LA RIVOLTA DEI SETTE (1964) by Alberto De Martino
04/24/2005: reviewed the Vin Diesel action comedy THE PACIFIER (2005)
04/23/2005: reviewed Ken Russell's impressive bio-pic THE MUSIC LOVERS (1970)
04/22/2005: reviewed the near-brilliant documentary BOWLING FOR COLLUMBINE (2002)
04/20/2005: reviewed Paul Verhoeven's slam-bang sci-fi action hit ROBOCOP (1987)
04/20/2005: reviewed the okay crime comedy UN'ANGUILLA DA TRECENTO MILLIONI (1971)
04/19/2005: just noticed that there are now more than 2,800 capsules online!
04/17/2005: reviewed the tedious sea adventure IL LUPO DEI MARI (1975)
04/17/2005: reviewed the well-choreographed but simple Jackie Chan actioner RUMBLE IN THE BRONX (1996)
04/15/2005: reviewed the stylish Ken Russell thriller CRIMES OF PASSION (1984)
04/14/2005: reviewed the acclaimed teenage drama FUCKING AMAL (1998)
04/13/2005: reviewed the silly sex comedy AMICHE MIE (1982)
04/11/2005: reviewed the colorful fairy tale PEAU D'ANE (1970) by Jacques Demy
04/11/2005: reviewed the satire TOUT LE MONDE IL EST BEAU, TOUT LE MONDE IL EST GENTIL (1972)
04/10/2005: reviewed the caper A NIGHTINGALE SANG IN BERKELEY SQUARE (1979)
04/08/2005: reviewed the Edwige Fenech comedy DER MANN MIT DEM GOLDENEN PINSEL (1969)
04/07/2005: reviewed the slapstick farce IL COLONNELLO BUTTIGLIONE DIVENTA GENERALE (1974)
04/05/2005: reviewed the low-brow sex comedy LA DOTTORESSA CI STA CON COLONELLO (1980)
04/04/2005: reviewed the fine cartoon feature POOH'S HEFFALUMP MOVIE (2005)
04/04/2005: reviewed the okay drama THE DAY THE LORD GOT BUSTED (1976)
04/02/2005: reviewed the inappropriately titled BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM HIS GRAVE (1976)
04/02/2005: reviewed the Hong Kong Indy imitation LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN PEARL (1985)
04/02/2005: reviewed the light-weight, silly Sandra Bullock comedy LOVE POTION NO. 9 (1989)
04/01/2005: currently there are 2,792 capsule reviews online

March 2005:

03/31/2005: reviewed the gratuitous but watchable action adventure HELL SQUAD (1985)
03/31/2005: reviewed the Italian animation classic ALLEGRO NON TROPPO (1977)
03/29/2005: reviewed the mean-spirited comedy NEIGHBORS (1981), John Belushi's last film
03/28/2005: reviewed the totally inept, amateurish zombie horror THE ALIEN DEAD (1980)
03/27/2005: reviewed the erotic teen comedy LEIDENSCHAFTLICHE BLÜMCHEN (1978)
03/26/2005: reviewed the totally forgettable C-actioner GROUND ZERO (1973)
03/25/2005: reviewed the interesting but slow psycho horror UN FIOCCO NERO PER DEBORAH (1974)
03/23/2005: reviewed the fascinating sci-fi DIE DELEGATION - EINE UTOPISCHE REPORTAGE (1970)
03/22/2005: reviewed the interesting but poorly paced giallo L'ETRUSCO UCCIDE ANCORA (1972)
03/18/2005: reviewed the quite good giallo IL DIAVOLO A SETTE FACCE (1971)
03/16/2005: reviewed the mild whodunit satire CONCERTO PER PISTOLA SOLISTA (1970)
03/15/2005: reviewed the completely contrived Hollywood comedy HEARTBREAKERS (2001)
03/14/2005: reviewed the okay giallo UN OMICIDIO PERFETTO A TERMINI DI LEGGE (1971)
03/12/2005: reviewed the unique ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004)
03/11/2005: reviewed the Mario Bava-photographed horror CALTIKI - IL MOSTRO IMMORTALE (1959)
03/09/2005: added information to the Henri Verneuil page
03/08/2005: reviewed the fine political thriller MILLE MILLIARDS DE DOLLARS (1982)
03/07/2005: reviewed the diverting gothic shocker LA MANSION EN LA NEBLA (1972)
03/07/2005: reviewed the funny comedy WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD (2002)
03/05/2005: reviewed the just okay Disney cartoon THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE (1986)
03/05/2005: reviewed the pretty laughable horror anthology SCREAMTIME (1983)
03/04/2005: reviewed the amazingly real, well-acted teenage drama THIRTEEN (2003)
03/03/2005: will add an eBay search tool to the capsule reviews pages from now on
03/03/2005: reviewed the star-studded but pretentious sci-fi horror THE VISITOR (1979)
03/02/2005: reviewed the quite nice romantic comedy KATE & LEOPOLD (2001)
03/01/2005: reviewed the okay, gory horror movie SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK (1988)
03/01/2005: there are 2,768 capsule reviews online!

February 2005:

02/28/2005: added a new title to the giallo page: LA ULTIMA SIGNORA ANDERSON (1971)
02/27/2005: reviewed the convoluted but watchable giallo PARANOIA (1970)
02/26/2005: reviewed the Jackie Chan-choreographed but still dull 36 CRAZY FISTS (1977)
02/25/2005: reviewed the trite gangster movie VIVA AMERICA! (1969)
02/25/2005: reviewed the mean-spirited, dull horror thriller THE GODSEND (1980)
02/22/2005: reviewed the okay war movie 5 (CINQUE) PER L'INFERNO (1969)
02/22/2005: reviewed the old-fashioned crime comedy HOT MILLIONS (1968)
02/20/2005: reviewed the mummy horror BELPHEGOR - LE FANTOME DU LOUVRE (2001)
02/18/2005: reviewed the British horror short INVITATION TO HELL (1982)
02/17/2005: reviewed the trashy, corny James Bond spoof CHECKMATE (1973)
02/15/2005: reviewed the odd exploitation-western SOL SANGRIENTO (1974)
02/14/2005: reviewed the boring horror movie BLOOD TIDE (1982)
02/12/2005: reviewed the tired costumer SANSONE CONTRO I PIRATI (1963)
02/12/2005: reviewed the rather weak animated feature FELIX - EIN HASE AUF WELTREISE (2005)
02/11/2005: reviewed the quite good Hong Kong action thriller LONG ARM OF THE LAW (1984)
02/11/2005: reviewed the fascinating giallo precursor LA MORTE HA FATTO L'UOVO (1968)
02/11/2005: added a new title to the giallo page: LA CONTROFIGURA (1971) aka THE DOUBLE
02/11/2005: reviewed the colorful Spielberg extravaganza HOOK (1991)
02/10/2005: reviewed the ultra-bad sci-fi wannabe EMPIRE OF ASH II (1988)
02/09/2005: reviewed the mild James Bond spoof HOT ENOUGH FOR JUNE (1964)
02/08/2005: reviewed the German sex film documentary VON SEX BIS SIMMEL (2005)
02/07/2005: reviewed the likable but contrived romance SERENDIPITY (2001)
02/07/2005: reviewed the cheap, early Jackie Chan actioner POLICE WOMAN (1973)
02/05/2005: reviewed the kitschy romance DOWN TO YOU (2000)
02/04/2005: reviewed the competently made but uninvolving blockbuster KING ARTHUR (2004)
02/03/2005: reviewed the strikingly directed, stylish thriller SEXY BEAST (2000)
02/02/2005: reviewed the rather uninteresting crime movie IL ETAIT UNE FOIS UN FLIC (1972)
02/01/2005: currently there are 2,743 capsule reviews online!

January 2005:

01/31/2005: reviewed the gorgeously shot crime comedy NE NOUS FACHONS PAS (1966)
01/30/2005: reviewed the obscure Mexican actioner RATAS DEL ASFALTO (1978)
01/29/2005: reviewed the amateurishly made sci-fi splatter MUTANT HUNT (1987)
01/27/2005: reviewed the imaginatively directed mystery horror THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES (2002)
01/25/2005: reviewed the very well-produced drama COLD MOUNTAIN (2003)
01/24/2005: reviewed the well-made comic book adaptation HELLBOY (2004)
01/24/2005: reviewed the quite amusing thriller farce SUGAR & SPICE (2002)
01/23/2005: reviewed the Disney classic SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (1937)
01/22/2005: reviewed the well-acted, authentic drama ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (1974)
01/20/2005: reviewed the worthless splatter movie SLUGS, MUERTE VISCOSA (1988)
01/19/2005: reviewed the hardly funny Jerry Lewis comedy THE BIG MOUTH (1967)
01/18/2005: reviewed the timeless, brilliant Disney masterpiece BAMBI (1942)
01/17/2005: reviewed the lively, quite entertaining actioner THE SCORPION KING (2002)
01/16/2005: reviewed the quite good independent thriller THE PIG FARM (2000)
01/15/2005: created a TOP 100 of the Best Cult Movies (expanded from the old Top 70)
01/15/2005: reviewed the crazy comedy FANTASIA CHEZ LES PLOUCS (1971)
01/13/2005: reviewed the interesting psycho drama IL GIORNO PRIMA (1987)
01/12/2005: reviewed the quite nice Jerry Lewis comedy THE FAMILY JEWELS (1965)
01/11/2005: reviewed the stupid made-for-TV ALIEN-clone THE INTRUDER WITHIN (1981)
01/10/2005: reviewed the Japanese action drama THIS STORY OF LOVE (1987)
01/08/2005: reviewed the cool giallo I CORPI PRESENTANO TRACCE DI VIOLENZA CARNALE (1973)
01/07/2005: reviewed the fairly good disaster thriller GRAY LADY DOWN (1978)
01/05/2005: reviewed the classic Jerry Lewis comedy THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963)
01/04/2005: reviewed the okay western BUON FUNERALE, AMIGO... SARTANA PAGA! (1970)
01/03/2005: reviewed the poorly scripted sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE (2004)
01/02/2005: reviewed Lamberto Bava's disappointing thriller LE FOTO DI GIOIA (1987)
01/01/2005: reviewed the weak French comedy OPERATION LADY MARLENE (1975)
01/01/2005: there 2,717 capsule reviews online!

December 2004:

12/31/2004: reviewed 316 movies in 2004 - Happy New Year!
12/31/2004: reviewed the okay trash horror movie THE TOMB (1986)
12/30/2004: reviewed the hit sequel TOY STORY 2 (1999)
12/30/2004: reviewed Sergio Sollima's sluggish western LA RESA DEI CONTI (1966)
12/30/2004: modified the review of Sergio Sollima's CORRI, UOMO, CORRI (1968)
12/29/2004: reviewed the laughable horror adventure DANCE OF THE DWARFS (1983)
12/28/2004: reviewed the rather weak spaghetti western IL VENDITORE DI MORTE (1971)
12/28/2004: reviewed the entertaining African adventure HATARI! (1962)
12/27/2004: reviewed the weak giallo LA BESTIA UCCIDE A SANGUE FREDDO (1971)

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