Mille Milliards de Dollars (1982, FRA) C-132m. ***˝ D: Henri Verneuil. Starring Patrick Dewaere, Michel Auclaire, Caroline Cellier, Charles Denner, Anny Duperey, Jeanne Moreau, Mel Ferrer, André Falcon. Dewaere (in his next-to-last film before his suicide) plays a journalist, who receives mysterious information about an industrial magnate and begins to investigate. It turns out that the man had connections to a world-wide operating conglomerate… and their methods are more than questionable. Is Dewaere on to a conspiracy? Riveting political thriller, much in the vein of Verneuil's masterpiece, the brilliant I… COMME ICARE (1979), poses intriguing questions about the nature and the ethics of such global players. Not always on target, but very well-told, a winner. Verneuil based his script on novels by Robert Lattes and Lawrence Meyer. Excellent piano score by Philippe Sarde. English title: A THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS.


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