Cent Mille Dollars au Soleil (1963)

Cent Mille Dollars au Soleil (1963, FRA/ITA) 121m. SCOPE ** D: Henri Verneuil. Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Lino Ventura, Reginald Kernan, Bernard Blier, Andréa Parisy, Gert Fröbe. French crime drama set in Africa: Truck driver Belmondo steals one of tycoon Fröbe's lorries and goes on the lam with his girlfriend. Fröbe sends out Belmondo's best friend Ventura to bring back the truck - whose cargo seems to be of great value. Great photography, laid-back performances in drama that has little to say and is still padded out to two hours. Georges Delerue's score is much too dramatic (and too good) for this rather trivial piece of work. The stars are appealing. Claude Pinoteau was assistant director. Director Verneuil coscripted. Sometimes shown in a computer-colored version. English title: GREED IN THE SUN.


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