Up! (1976, USA) C-80m. ** D: Russ Meyer. Starring Edward Schaaf, Robert McLane, Elaine Collins, Janet Wood, Raven De La Croix, Monty Bane, Bob Schott, Kitten Natividad, Russ Meyer. Pretty outrageous, satirical sex-and-crime movie from the genre's godfather. The murder of an Adolf Hitler-like Nazi coincides with the arrival of busty chick De La Croix. She is hired as a waitress to attract customers. Meanwhile, the only policeman in town is searching for the killer, if he can keep his libido under control. Director, co-writer, DP and editor Meyer even throws in some horror this time, but plot and character setup (from a script cowritten by Roger Ebert!) is a mess. It does boast a Greek chorus, however, in the form of naked Natividad. For the dedicated Russ Meyer fan. Also known as OVER, UNDER and UP!, and UP! SMOKEY.

© Ron Altman