Bernard Rose (*1960)

English director Bernard Rose started out as a music video director, completing his first feature film PAPERHOUSE in 1988. In his first three films he brilliantly stylizes violence and horror, which culminates in his best film, the horror shocker CANDYMAN. Rose later turned to historical dramas in IMMORTAL BELOVED and LEO TOLSTOY'S ANNA KARENINA.


Smart Money (1986; dir; short film?)
Body Contact (1987; dir; short film?)
Paperhouse (1988; dir; based on a novel by Catherine Storr)
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl (1990; dir, coscr)
Candyman (1992; dir, scr, act; based on the story 'The Forbidden' by Clive Barker)
Army of Darkness (1993; act)
Immortal Beloved (1994; dir, scr, act)
Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (1997; dir, scr)
Ivansxtc (2000; dir, coscr, cocin, edit; based on Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich)

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