Terrence Malick (*1943)

American filmmaker Terrence Malick has directed only four films in his career. He is best known for his cult film BADLANDS (1973), and the acclaimed epic DAYS OF HEAVEN (1978). In 1998 he made a powerful war drama with THE THIN RED LINE. His recent return to filmmaking (THE NEW WORLD, 2005) showed him in strong form.



Lanton Mills (1969; dir, scr, mus, act; a 12m. short)
Drive, He Said (1971; coscr; based on a novel by Jeremy Larner; directed by Jack Nicholson)
Dirty Harry (1971; uncred coscr)
Deadhead Miles (1972; coscr)
Pocket Money (1972; scr, act; based on the novel Jim Kane by J.P.S. Brown)
Badlands (1973; dir, scr, prod, act)
The Gravy Train (1974; coscr; aka The Dion Brothers)
Days of Heaven (1978; dir, scr)
Astonished (1988; electrician using a pseudonym)
Great Balls of Fire! (1989; uncred coscr?)
The Thin Red Line (1998; dir, scr; based on the novel by James Jones)
Endurance (1999; coprod)
Happy Times (2000; co-exec prod; directed by Zhang Yimou)
Bear's Kiss (2002; sty)
The Beautiful Country (2002; coprod, sty)
Undertow (2004; coprod)
The New World (2005; dir, scr)

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