Nadja (1994, USA/FRA) B&W-92m. *** D: Michael Almereyda. Starring Elina Löwensohn, Martin Donovan, Galaxy Craze, Peter Fonda, Suzy Amis, Jared Harris, David Lynch. Bizarre, stylish transportation of the Dracula myth to modern-day New York, where Van Helsing (Fonda) is an eccentric, long-haired vampire hunter, who has just impaled Löwensohn's father Dracula. The vampire lady is stalking the streets of N.Y.C. and has found a new victim in Craze. Low-budget, ponderous, but hypnotic (kudos to Simon Fisher-Turner's chilling score) and with an effective use of black-and-white. The grainy sequences were shot with a plastic toy camera! Written by director Almereyda (TRANCE). Executive producer David Lynch appears as a morgue attendant.

© Ron Altman