Lo Wei (1918-1996)
Lo Wei's NEW FIST OF FURY (1976)

Prolific action film director Lo Wei is best known for his films with Bruce Lee (THE BIG BOSS and FIST OF FURY). He also worked with Jackie Chan (NEW FIST OF FURY, TO KILL WITH INTRIGUE), in an attempt to establish him as the new Bruce Lee.
Lo Wei also owned a production firm. His work as a producer is far less significant than the movies he directed himself. Lo has not been portrayed very nicely in Jackie Chan's autobiography. The filmography below only lists his work from the 1970s onwards. Before that Lo Wei directed several obscure adventure and action films in Hong Kong. Please visit the IMDb for details.



Brothers Five (1970; dir)
None But the Brave (1971; dir, scr, act; aka The Kung Fu Girl, The Heroine)
The Shadow Whip (1971; dir)
The Invincible Eight (1971; dir)
The Comet Strikes (1971; dir)
Bing Tian Xia Nu (1971; dir)
The Big Boss (1971; dir, scr; aka Fists of Fury)
Dragon Swamp (1971; dir, scr, act)
The Hurricane (1972; dir)
The Pirate (1972; act)
Fist of Fury (1972; dir, scr, act, prod des; aka The Chinese Connection/The Iron Hand)
Slaughter in San Francisco (1973; dir, scr, prod)
Back Alley Princess (1973; dir, scr, act, prod des)
The Tattooed Dragon (1973; dir)
A Man Called Tiger (1973; dir, scr, prod)
Seaman Number Seven (1973; dir, scr, act)
Back Alley Princess in Chinatown (1974; dir)
Shatter (1974; act)
The Bedevilled (1975; act)
Shantung Man in Hong Kong (1975; dir)
The Girl with the Dexterous Touch (1975; dir)
Shaolin Wooden Men (1976; codir, prod)
New Fist of Fury (1976; dir, coscr, act, exec prod)
The Killer Meteors (1976; dir, prod; codir with Jimmy Wang Yu)
Kung Fu Kid (1977; dir)
Arts of the Snake & Crane (1977; dir, coscr, prod)
To Kill with Intrigue (1977; dir, cin, exec prod)
Golden Key (1978; dir)
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu! (1978; exec prod)
Magnificent Bodyguards (1978; dir)
Dragon Fist (1979; dir, prod)
Spiritual Kung Fu (1979/85; dir, prod)
The Fearless Hyena (1979; exec prod)
The Fearless Hyena Part II (1979/83; codir, prod)
Naughty! Naughty! (1980; dir)
Devil Foetus (1983; prod)
Heart of a Teenage Girl (1983; dir)
Criminal Hunter (1988; prod)
Fist of Fury, Part 2 (1991; dir)
Angry Ranger (1991; dir)
Wizard's Curse (1992; prod)
Forced Nightmare (1992; prod)
Blade of Fury (1993; prod)
Little Shantung Arrives in Hong Kong (1993; dir)


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