Fast Food Nation (2006)

Fast Food Nation (2006, USA) C-113m. ** D: Richard Linklater. Starring Greg Kinnear, Luis Guzmán, Ashley Johnson, Patricia Arquette, Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Willis, Ethan Hawke, Avril Lavigne. Over-plotted comedy drama about the American fast food industry and its employees and workers. Film focuses on Kinnear, a marketing manager for a big fast food chain, who is ordered to investigate bad test results for meat at one of their factories. Director Linklater also examines the fates of the illegal Mexican workers and the unhappy restaurant employees. Spiced up with pointless, distracting star cameos, film fails to compel, mostly because of script that is poorly paced and doesn't interweave the stories well. What's more, we already know about this issue. SUPERSIZE ME (2004) was the better, spunkier approach. Cowritten by director Linklater, based on a book by Eric Schlosser.

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