Paranoia (1970)

Paranoia (1970, ITA/SPA) C-92m. ** D: Umberto Lenzi. Starring Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel, Luis Dávila, Alberto Dalbés, Marina Coffa, Anna Proclemer, Hugo Blanco, Calisto Calisti. Racing car driver Baker must retire after an accident. Upon her release from rehabilitation, she is invited by her ex-husband Sorel to his exclusive villa. Soon it becomes clear that his new wife Proclemer would rather see him deadů but that's not the end of the story. Typically convoluted thriller, watchable, but poorly acted (especially by Sorel), rather poorly paced. Easy-listening score by Gregorio García Segura, (conducted by Piero Umiliani) provides period flavor. Reportedly, Joe D'Amato was camera operator. Don't mix this up with Lenzi's ORGASMO (1969), which was known as PARANOIA in some countries and also starred Baker. Also known as A QUIET PLACE TO KILL, and A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO KILL.


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