La Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo (1977)

Ragazza dal Pigiama Giallo, La (1977, ITA/SPA) C-100m. *** D: Flavio Mogherini. Starring Ray Milland, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Michele Placido, Mel Ferrer, Howard Ross, Ramiro Oliveros. Retired inspector Milland starts researching the brutal murder of a girl on the beach. She wore yellow pyjamas - not the only unusual aspect of the case. A second, seemingly unrelated plot strand is about Di Lazzaro, who is caught between three men (Placido, Ross, Ferrer). Set (and filmed) in sunny Sydney, Australia, this unusual, late giallo gets going rather slowly but comes up with nice twists. Good soundtrack, with a synthesizer score by Riz Ortolani. Mogherini, an art director who worked with Bava and Fellini, pays tribute to earlier gialli; ironically, Dario Argento would copy Milland's character into his 2001 thriller NONHOSONNO. English titles: THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE, and THE CASE OF THE GIRL IN THE YELLOW PAJAMAS.


© Ron Altman