Assassino è Costretto ad Uccidere Ancora, Il (1975, ITA/FRA) C-90m. SCOPE ** D: Luigi Cozzi. Starring George Hilton, Michel Antoine (=Antoine Saint-John), Femi Benussi, Cristina Galbó, Eduardo Fajardo, Teresa Velasquez. Argento protégé Cozzi's only foray into the giallo is quite good: Hilton is tired of his wife's neurotic behavior and when he chances to witness a killer disposing of a victim, he asks him to kill his wife, too. However, things get complicated when two lovers steal the car with the body inside. Interesting script has some pacing flaws, but there are also some striking moments (one wonders if Argento wasn't actually involved somehow). For fans. Produced by Umberto Lenzi. English titles: THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN, THE KILLER MUST STRIKE AGAIN, THE DARK IS DEATH'S FRIEND.

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