Par de Zapatos del '32, Un (1974, SPA/ITA) C-86m. ** D: Rafael Romero Marchent. Starring Ray Millland, Sylva Koscina, Remiro Oliveros, Franco Giacobini, Charly Bravo, María Silva, Eduardo Calvo. Interesting giallo-like thriller set in France: Milland plays doctor at a boarding school for boys, who has hired an assassin to kill someone. When the killer does this by blowing up an entire plane, killing 140 innocent people, Milland clubs him to death. However, one of the boys, we don't know who, witnessed this killing. How can Milland find out who was the witness? Remains interesting, if not too credible or compelling. Good score by Stelvio Cipriani. Italian title: QUALCUNA L'HA VISTO UCCIDERE (SOMEONE SAW HIM KILL). English titles: WITNESS TO MURDER, THE STUDENT CONNECTION.


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