5 Donne per l'Assassino (1974)

5 Donne per l'Assassino (1974, ITA/FRA) C-93m. ** D: Stelvio Massi. Starring Giorgio Albertazzi, Francis Matthews, Howard Ross, Pascal Rivault. Medium giallo, made after the prime of the genre. Reporter Matthews is shocked to find his wife dead after giving birth to his son. When he learns that he could not possibly have fathered the child, he is devastated. Could he be the killer that's bumping off pregnant women? Inspector Ross investigates. Direction is quite creative, with extensive use of zooms, but thrills are almost non-existent, and Ross simply does not register at all. Some gore in this thriller, which makes obvious reference to a giallo classic, Mario Bava's SEI (6) DONNE PER L'ASSASSINO (1964). Score by Giorgio Gaslini. English title: FIVE WOMEN FOR THE KILLER.


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