La Casa d'Appuntamento (1972)

Casa d'Appuntamento, La (1972, ITA/GER) C-87m. ** D: F.L. Morris (= Ferdinando Merighi). Starring Anita Ekberg, Rosalba Neri, Evelyn Kraft, Howard Vernon, Peter Martell, Barbara Bouchet, Roberto Sacchi, Eva Astor, Rolf Eden, Gordon Mitchell, Goffredo Unger, Dick Randall. When a prostitute is found murdered, the police soon have a culprit in seemingly deranged Martell. However, during his flight he is accidentally decapitated, and hookers are still bumped off by a black-gloved assassin. Will inspector Sacchi solve the case? Uneven, convoluted plotting does not iradicate one's interest in this mystery thriller. Some delightfully off-beat scenes make it worthwhile for giallo lovers. Sacchi's likeness to Humphrey Bogart is sometimes astounding. Quite gory effects by Carlo Rambaldi. Score by Bruno Nicolai, edited by Bruno Mattei. English titles: THE BOGEYMAN AND THE FRENCH MURDERS, MURDER IN PARIS, and THE PARIS SEX MURDERS.


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