Lo Strangolatore di Vienna (1972)

Strangolatore di Vienna, Lo (1972, ITA/GER) C-81m. ** D: Guido Zurli. Starring Victor Buono, Brad Harris, Franca Polesello, Karin Field, John Ireland. Buono plays a butcher, who has just been released from the nut house, where he spent three years after hitting somebody with a liver(!). Once back he takes up his business again, uch to the chagrin of his wife. Soon he'll find a new way of stuffing his sausages. Gulp! Horror film with black humor has nice Viennese settings but doesn't thrill or create suspense. Buono seemingly recreates his role from the 1964 THE STRANGLER. A curio, for buffs. Interesting score by Alex Alexander. English titles: THE MAD BUTCHER, THE MAD BUTCHER OF VIENNA, MEAT IS MEAT, THE STRANGLER OF VIENNA, THE VIENNA STRANGLER.


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