Il Dolce Corpo di Deborah (1969)

Dolce Corpo di Deborah, Il (1969, ITA/FRA) C-92m. SCOPE ** D: Romolo Guerrieri. Starring Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel, Ida Galli, Luigi Pistilli, Michel Bardinet, George Hilton. Newly-wed couple Baker and Sorel travel to the husband's hometown, where old memories of his deceased ex-girlfriend are awakened. There's strange Pistilli, who claims Sorel drove her to suicide. Will this puzzle eventually destroy their relationship? Mystery drama is deliberately paced and uneven, but maintains your interest, especially if you are devoted to such 'gialli'. Marvelous score by Nora Orlandi (though it disappears in the second half). Some interesting directorial touches, too. Script by Ernesto Gastaldi. English titles: THE BODY, THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH.


© Ron Altman