Miele del Diavolo, Il (1986, ITA/SPA) C-83m. ** D: Lucio Fulci. Starring Corinne Clery, Brett Halsey, Blanca Marsillach, Stefano Madia, Lucio Fulci. Rare Lucio Fulci effort is a tale of sexual perversion about young Marsillach, who is in love with sexually insatiable saxophonist Madia. When he dies after a motorcycle accident, because of (sexually perverted) doctor Halsey, Marsillach starts harassing him and a sadistic-masochistic relationship between the two develops. Definitely not bad, despite subject matter, this even tries to be poetic. Well-worth a look for Fulci completists. Cowritten by the director, photographed by Alejandro Ulloa. English titles: THE DEVIL'S HONEY, DANGEROUS OBSESSION, DIVINE OBSESSION.

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