Baba Yaga (1973)

Baba Yaga (1973, ITA/FRA) C-85m. *** D: Corrado Farina. Starring Carroll Baker, George Eastman, Isabelle de Funès, Ely Galleani. Moody pop-art mystery, based on a comic strip by Guido Crepax. Avantgarde photographer de Funès (niece of Louis!) is approached by mysterious lady Baker, who seems to have a special interest in the young woman. De Funès soon starts having hallucinatory nightmares of a kinky kind, and something seems to be wrong with her camera ever since Baker touched it. Is the lady really a witch? With the help of film director Eastman, she sets out to solve the mystery. Slightly pretentious, bafflingly surreal film, creatively directed by writer-director Farina, who has a brief role in the surreal Nazi sequences. A little gem whose reputation should soar in future years. Great score by Piero Umiliani. Watch for Ely Galliani, who had a key role in Mario Bava's CINQUE BAMBOLE PER LA LUNA D'AGOSTO (1970). Contains a reference to German expressionist cinema and shows a clip from the classic DER GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM (1920). Alternative titles: KISS ME KILL ME, THE DEVIL WITCH and BLACK MAGIC.


© Ron Altman