Fukkatsu no Hi (1980)

Fukkatsu no Hi (1980, JAP) C-73m. ** D: Kinji Fukasaku. Starring Chuck Connors, Glenn Ford, Olivia Hussey, George Kennedy, Masao Kusakari, Edward James Olmos, Henry Silva, Bo Svenson, Robert Vaughn, Stephanie Faulkner, Sonny Chiba, Colin Fox. Star-studded production about a virus that wipes out human civilization, apart from several enclaves in Antarctica, where the virus cannot spread due to low temperatures. Basically a Japanese version of disaster movies that Hollywood specialized on in the 1970s. Truncated video version (on which this review is based) features interesting apocalyptic scenes but (obviously) choppy plot. Most stars are wasted. Original uncut print runs 155m., but is said not to be much better. Also shown at 108m. Based on a novel by Sakyo Komatsu. English titles: VIRUS, DAY OF RESURRECTION, THE END.


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