Soupe aux Choux, La (1981, FRA) C-98m. SCOPE *** D: Jean Girault. Starring Louis de Funès, Jean Carmet, Jacques Villeret, Claude Gensac, Henri Génès, Marco Perrin, Christine Dejoux. Latter-day de Funès comedy (his next-to-last movie) about two old-timers (de Funès and Carmet) living happily somewhere in rural France, who are suddenly visited by an extra-terrestrial (Villeret). De Funès cordially invites the hapless alien in and offers him his cabbage soup ("soupe aux choux"), not knowing that it will become a big hit in space - and change his life forever. Plot sounds ridiculous but film is very funny and at the same time sentimental, even philosophical. Among fans this is one of de Funès' most fondly remembered movies. He even cowrote the screenplay, an adaptation of a novel by René Fallet. Good score by Raymond Lefevre.

© Ron Altman