Jeune Fille Libre Ce Soir (1975, FRA/ITA/GER) C-111m. ** D: René Clément. Starring Maria Schneider, Sydne Rome, Vic Morrow, Robert Vaughn, Nadja Tiller, Georg Marischka, Renato Pozzetto. Interesting misfire from the director of LE PASSENGER DE LA PLUIE (1969). Schneider sleepwalks through her role as young, penniless girl, who accepts a babysitting job and soon finds herself in the middle of a kidnapping masterminded by Rome's actor friends Vaughn and Tiller. Cryptic and confusing in equal parts in the first half, then creates some nice suspense scenes, but flaws remain all too obvious. Recommended to buffs, who will savor cast and score (by Francis Lai). Written by director Clément, Nicola Badalucco, Luciano Vincenzoni and Mark Peploe (director of AFRAID OF THE DARK and cowriter of PROFESSIONE: REPORTER!). Clément's last movie; he retired much too early after this at the age of 62. Alternative titles: THE BABYSITTER, THE RAW EDGE, WANTED: BABYSITTER, L.A. BABYSITTER.

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