Buon Funerale, Amigo … Sartana Paga! (1970)

Buon Funerale, Amigo … Sartana Paga! (1970, ITA/SPA) C-95m. SCOPE **˝ D: Anthony Ascot (=Giuliano Carnimeo). Starring Gianni Garko, Daniela Giordano, Helga Liné, Franco Ressel, George Wang, Roberto Dell'Acqua. Sort-of sequel to SONO SARTANA, IL VOSTRO BECCHINO (1969) about Garko's title character, who witnesses the killing of a family just before he can buy their land. In the nearby town he seeks out those responsible. Director Carnimeo has some funny ideas, and plot is less of a drag this time. Above-average spaghetti western fare with a Morricone copycat score by Bruno Nicolai. English titles: A PRESENT FOR YOU, AMIGO… A COFFIN FROM SARTANA, GUNSLINGER, STRANGER'S GOLD and HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL, MY FRIEND… SARTANA WILL PAY.


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