Joe… Cercati un Posto per Morire! (1968, ITA) C-89m. SCOPE **˝ D: Anthony Ascott (=Giuliano Carnimeo). Starring Jeffrey Hunter, Pascale Petit, Reza Fazeli, Ted Carter (=Nello Pazzafini), Piero Lulli, Daniela Giordano. Fairly good, serious spaghetti western, tending towards the American type. Hunter plays a gunslinger fallen from grace, who gets a chance to redeem himself when a woman (Petit) asks for his help. Then some bandits contend for the gold the woman knows the whereabouts of. Plot lacks power, but film is interesting, solidly made. Good score by Gianni Ferrio. English title: FIND A PLACE TO DIE.

© Ron Altman