Testa T'Ammazzo, Croce… Sei Morto… Mi Chiamano Alleluja (1971, ITA/SPA) C-96m. SCOPE *½ D: Anthony Ascott (=Giuliano Carnimeo). Starring George Hilton, Charles Southwood, Agata Flori, Roberto Camardiel, Andrea Bosic, Goffredo Unger. Leaden (in both senses of the word) spaghetti western about gunslinger Hilton and his attempts to get his hands on valuable jewelry also craved by assorted bandits. Plot is extremely weak, you may only find some value in director Carnimeo's visual experiments. Alternative titles: A FISTFUL OF LEAD, DEEP WEST, GUNS FOR DOLLARS, HEADS I KILL YOU, TAILS YOU'RE DEAD, THEY CALL ME HALLELUJAH.

© Ron Altman