Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day (2002, USA/GBR) C-132m. SCOPE ** D: Lee Tamahori. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosmund Pike, Rick Yune, Judi Dench, John Cleese, Michael Madsen, Will Yun Lee, Kenneth Tsang, Samantha Bond, Madonna. An aging Bond (Brosnan) finds a tough enemy in the son of a North Korean general. Ultimately, he threatens to use a powerful ray gun in space to scorch the Earth. A sexy NFA agent (Berry) lends Bond a hand in the operation. Fairly well-directed and edited thriller is good in the first half, but (somewhat muddled, complicated) story is drowned out by gigantic action set-pieces. Still, one of the better later Bonds, with fine art direction and production design. This was the 20th film in the series (and a little reminiscent of the 7th, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER).


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