Lamberto Bava (*1944)

Lamberto Bava is the son of legendary Italian director Mario Bava. At the age of 22, he was given the job of assistant director by his father. From then on Lamberto learned the trade directly from the master, as well as some other epigones of Italian horror cinema, like Dario Argento.
In 1980, the year his father died, Lamberto finished his first film as a director, MACABRO, a generally well-received horror thriller. Unfortunately, none of his works have lived up to the standards set by Mario, although his career is interesting to watch and highlighted by subtle chillers such as FINO ALLA MORTE.
From 1987 on, Lamberto concentrated on working for television. He made 8 made-for-TV horror chillers until 1990 and then turned to fantasy movies (mostly for children). Bava's non-horror work for TV is omitted in the filmography below.
In 2002, Bava and producer Alfredo Leone presented a newly edited version of CANI ARRABBIATI (1974), the Mario Bava masterpiece. Director Lamberto Bava re-edited the movie, filmed some new scenes and composer Stelvio Cipiriani reworked his score. The film premiered in May 2002.


Ultimo Mondo Cannibale Morirai a Mezzanotte

Mario Bava's Schock Demoni Demoni 2 Body Puzzle


Terrore nello Spazio (1965; ass dir)
Le Spie Vengono dal Semi Freddo (1966; prod ass; aka Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs)
Operazione Paura (1966; ass dir)
L'Odissea (1969; ass dir; TV series)
Una Hacha Para la Luna de Miel (1969; ass dir)
Quanta Volte ... Quella Notte (1969; ass dir; aka Four Times That Night)
Gli Orrori del Castello di Norimberga (1972; ass dir)
Lisa and the Devil (1972; ass dir)
Cani Arrabbiati (1974/96/02; ass dir in '74, codir in '02; aka Rabid Dogs/Kidnapped!)
Il Bacio (1974; ass dir; aka The Kiss)
Una Ondata di Piacere (1975; coscr; aka Waves of Lust)
Schock (1977; coscr; aka Beyond the Door II)
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1978; continuity; aka The Last Survivor)
La Venere di Ille (1979; codir [with his father Mario]; made for TV)
Cannibal Holocaust (1979; ass dir)
Inferno (1980; ass dir)
Macabro (1980; dir, coscr; aka Macabre, Frozen Terror)
Tenebrae (1982; ass dir)
La Casa Con la Scala Nel Buio (1983; dir, edit; aka Blade in the Dark)
Shark Rosso nell'Oceano (1984; dir; aka Monster Shark, Devil Fish)
Blastfighter (1984; dir, act)
Demoni (1985; dir, coscr, act; aka Demons)
Morirai a Mezzanotte (1986; dir, coscr; aka Midnight Killer)
Demoni 2 (1986; dir, coscr; aka Demons 2)
Una Notte al Cimitero (1987; dir, coscr, act; made for TV)
Le Foto di Gioia (1987; dir; aka Delirium)
Fino alla Morte (1987; dir, coscr; aka Until Death)
L'Uomo Che Non Voleva Morire (1988; dir; made for TV; aka The Man Who Didn't Want to Die)
Il Maestro del Terrore (1988; dir, coprod; made for TV; aka The Prince of Terror)
La Casa dell'Orco (1988; dir, coscr, coprod; made for TV; aka The Ogre)
A Cena col Vampire (1988; dir, coprod; made for TV; aka Dinner with a Vampire)
La Chiesa (1989; coscr; aka The Church)
Protezione a Vista (1989; dir?)
La Maschera del Demonio (1989; dir, coprod; aka Black Sabbath)
Il Gioco (1989; dir, coprod; made for TV; aka School of Fear)
Testimone Oculare (1990; dir, coscr, coprod; made for TV, aka Eyewitness)
Body Puzzle (1991; dir, coscr)
Mario Bava: Maestro of the Macabre (2000; documentary about Lamberto's father)


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