Pelts (2006, USA) C-58m. n/r D: Dario Argento. Starring Meat Loaf Aday, Ellen Ewusie, Link Baker, Emilio Salituro, John Saxon. Second of Argento's episodes for TV's Masters of Horror (2005) series about a fur-maker (Meat Loaf), who learns of quite exceptional raccoon furs and plans to prepare and sell them. However, the creatures have a way of getting their revenge on everyone that comes in contact with the pelts. Meat Loaf brings conviction to his role but plot is only so-so. Ewusie's flawless physique and Attila Vaski's really gruesome effects attract attention, though look in vain for an Argento trademark other than the gore. Claudio Simonetti (Goblin) was inspired by older Argento movies for his rather odd score. Veteran actor Saxon had worked with Argento on the 1982 TENEBRE.

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