Se Sei Vivo Spara (1967)

Se Sei Vivo Spara (1967, ITA/SPA) C-117m. SCOPE ** D: Giulio Questi. Starring Tomas Milian, Marilù Tolo, Piero Lulli, Milo Quesada, Sancho Gracia, Ray Lovelock, Frank Brana. Unusual but sluggish western with a cult reputation. Half-breed Milian is shot by bandits and left for dead. He is saved by two Indians and prepared for revenge. The cowboys, with Milian's stash of gold, have intermediately found refuge in a small town, whose citizens are greedy and corrupt. Technically barely okay, as it lacks the timing and gusto of Sergio Leone's classics. Plot is interesting, but overall film just doesn't live up to its artsy, ultra-violent reputation. The Indians are just plain laughable. Many shorter versions are in existence. Photographed by Franco delli Colli. Lovelock's first film. English title: DJANGO, KILL… IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT!


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