Le Pacte des Loups (2001)

Pacte des Loups, Le (2001, FRA) C-150m. SCOPE *** D: Christophe Gans. Starring Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Emilie Dequenne, Monica Bellucci, Jérémie Rénier, Mark Dacascos, Jean Yanne, Jacques Perrin. In 18th century France a beast is roaming the countryside, killing young women and children. A nobleman is called upon, who tries to stop the killings with his friend, an Indian. Marvelous mix of fantasy and horror elements is long and has a simple story, but direction, photography, and especially editing are brilliantly stylish. Film hits bull's-eye during its action sequences, which are simply stunning. A noteworthy achievement by the director of CRYING FREEMAN (1995) and an interesting companion piece to Michael Wadleigh's horror film WOLFEN (1981). Originally released at 142m., later extended to present length. English title: BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF.


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