Duel of the Iron Fist (1971)

Duel of the Iron Fist (1971, HGK) C-95m. SCOPE ** D: Chang Cheh. Starring David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wang Chung, Chen Kuan Tai. After a one-year absence, young fighter Ti returns to his home and must learn that one of his former friends has taken over the martial arts club and turned his girlfriend into a prostitute. He swears revenge and gets help from an ambiguous character, Chiang. Earnest action drama set in the early 20th century features knife fights galore, whose excitement doesn't quite match the bare-knuckle fights of other easterns. Film also takes a few unlikely twists in the second half. Interesting for buffs; others stay away, especially from edited U.S. print, which ends in the middle of the final fight! Aka THE DUEL and DUEL OF THE SHAOLIN FIST.


© Ron Altman