Beyond the Limits (2003)

Beyond the Limits (2003, GER) C-100m. ** D: Olaf Ittenbach. Starring Darren Shahlavi, Russell Friedenberg, Hank Stone, David Creedon, Joe Cook. Ambitious independent horror film shot on 16mm, about a journalist and her interview with a caretaker at a cemetery, who spins two related tales. In the first, a dinner party among gangsters ends up in a bloodbath, in the second, set in medieval times, a sinister inquisitor tries to unlock the secret to a mysterious heart that is said to endow you with supernatural powers. Plot is uneven and some of the actors wooden, but if you forgive the cheapness of some scenes (and have a tolerance for gore), you won't have a bad time. The quite good effects are not the film's only drawing card here, thank God. Second story is better than the first. Ittenbach also produced and cowrote the script.


© Ron Altman