Reflections of Evil (2002)

Reflections of Evil (2002, USA) C-137m. * D: Damon Packard. Starring Damon Packard. Disjointed, offensive mix of film clips, all of them dealing with obese character of Robert (Packard), who lives on the street and is seen irritating people, gobbling down junk food, trying to sell broken watches and generally behaving like a madman. In a flashback, we see him visiting the set of Steven Spielberg's SOMETHING EVIL (1971) with his mother. Most dialogues are re-dubbed, shrill sound effects added. Although Packard does have some wild ideas, his concept wears thin after 20 minutes, as he gives away the chance of commenting on his surroundings and the film becomes the simple depiction of a series of grotesque scenes. Let this stand as an example of the trash age (where vomiting can be art).


© Ron Altman