Pettson och Findus 4: Glömligheter (2009, SWE) C-70m. ** D: Jorgen Lerdam, Anders Sorensen. Starring (the voices of) Tord Peterson, Lukas Karlsson. Another compilation of television episodes that made it to the big screen (somehow) about the unmistakable Pettson (aka Petterson), who lives a lonely existence in rural Sweden with his speaking cat Findus. Here, there is no coherent story but several TV episodes back-to-back, among them Findus waking up to be as big as his master and vice versa, a rock bank planning to make a circus, and Pettson being struck by lightning and suddenly forgetting who he is. For fans and little children. Also known as KUDDELMUDDEL BEI PETTERSSON UND FINDUS.

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