Demonio, Il (1963, ITA/FRA) B&W-94m. ** D: Brunello Rondi. Starring Daliah Lavi, Frank Wolff, Anna María Aveta, Tiziana Casetti. Stark drama set in rural Italy, where Lavi may or may not be rightfully accused of being a witch. She attempts to turn the head of Wolff, who wants to marry another woman. The superstitious populace, who wallow in their rites, blame everything bad on her, and soon her own family can't protect her anymore. Interesting to watch, well-performed by Lavi, although film's realism, using laymen actors, sometimes works in its favor, but more often not. Not really a horror film, as title may have you believe. From the director of LE TUE MANI SUL MIO CORPO (1970). The 'spider-walk' was referenced ten years later in THE EXORCIST. Sergio Martino was second assistant director. English title: THE DEMON.

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