Tue Mani sul Mio Corpo, Le (1970, ITA) C-91m. SCOPE ** D: Brunello Rondi. Starring Lino Capolicchio, Colette Descombes, Erna Schürer, Daniel Sola, José Quaglio. Bored, aimless, reckless but traumatized Capolicchio is at odds with his rich father and would rather be seduced by his stepmother, sexy Schürer. Then her friend Descombes arrives with her boyfriend and Capolicchio is immediately obsessed with her. His ideas get more and more bizarre, until the inevitable tragedy happens. Typically outré character drama, well-acted by Capolicchio and quite well-directed and edited (by Michele Massimo Tarantini). Real star of the film is Giorgio Gaslini's fine score, which carries it over slow spots. Recommended to people who like this kind of fare, others might be bored. Sergio Martino (whose brother Luciano coscripted and coproduced with Fellini-collaborator Rondi) is credited as production manager (literally organizzatore generale). English title: YOUR HANDS ON MY BODY.

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