Cerveau, Le (1969, FRA/ITA) C-115m. SCOPE *** D: Gérard Oury. Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bourvil, David Niven, Eli Wallach, Silvia Monti, Henri Attal, Dominique Zardi. Classic crime comedy about 'superbrain' Niven, who disguises as a NATO general to steal 14 bags of money - with the help of mafioso Wallach. But they are not the only ones after the money. Belmondo breaks out of prison (four days before his release!) to steal the money himself, with his bumbling sidekick Bourvil. Mad-cap comedy with great performances, funny complications. The quintessential crime/heist comedy of its time. Score by Georges Delerue. Simultaneously shot in English. Co-written by director Oury (LE CORNIAUD, LA GRANDE VADROUILLE) English title: THE BRAIN.

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