Jack el Destripador de Londres (1971, SPA/ITA) C-90m. SCOPE * D: Josße Luis Madrid. Starring Paul Naschy, Patricia Loran, Renzo Marignano, Orchidea de Santis, Andrés Resino. Naschy, probably the worst starring actor in the horror genre (perhaps any genre), here singlehandedly ruins horror thriller about a Jack the Ripper imitation killer in contemporary London. Naschy becomes the prime suspect, but he conveys no feelings whatsoever. To be fair, the screenplay (by the director, Naschy and Tito Carpi) is also extremely weak. The best sequence is the opening montage. English titles: JACK THE MANGLER OF LONDON, JACK THE RIPPER, and SEVEN MURDERS FOR SCOTLAND YARD.

© Ron Altman