Muumi ja Vaarallinen Juhannus (2008, FIN/AUT/POL) C-71m. *** D: Maria Lindberg. Starring (the voices of) Tapani Perttu, Jasper Pääkkönen, Johanna Viksten, Outi Alanen. Compilation of the 1979 TV series THE MOOMINS about hippo-like creatures who live on an island and must abandon their house, when the water level keeps on rising after a volcano erupts nearby. They finds refuge on a floating theater. Advertised as a 'new' adventure of the Moomins, but this is clearly taken from the original 2D stop-motion episodes. Still, a lot of nostalgic fun. Recommended, as almost everything is offbeat here. Also known as MOONIN [sic!] AND THE MIDSUMMER MADNESS.

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