Danza Macabra (1964, ITA/FRA) B&W-89m. ** D: Antonio Margheriti, Sergio Corbucci. Starring Barbara Steele, Georges Rivière, Margarete Robsahm, Arturo Dominici, Silvano Tranquilli, Umberto Raho. One of the best known Italian gothic chillers, this one features Rivière, who accepts a wager from none other than Edgar Allan Poe, who dares him to spend a night in his family's haunted castle. Slowly paced, underplotted but fairly atmospheric, for fans of the genre. Good score by Riz Ortolani. Ruggero Deodato was assistant director. Remade by Margheriti in 1971 (as NELLA STRETTO MORSA DEL RAGNO). English titles: CASTLE OF BLOOD, COFFIN OF TERROR, DIMENSIONS IN DEATH, THE CASTLE OF TERROR, THE LONG NIGHT OF TERROR, TOMBS OF HORROR, and TOMBS OF TERROR.

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