Paroxismus (1969, GBR/ITA/GER) C-86m. **½ D: Jess Franco. Starring James Darren, Barbara McNair, Maria Rohm, Klaus Kinski, Dennis Price, Margaret Lee, Adolfo Lastretti, Paul Muller, Manfred Mann, Jess Franco. Jazz musician Darren finds dead Rohm washed ashore on a Turkish beach, then inexplicably meets her in a bar in Rio. It turns out that she fell victim to an orgy with Kinski, Price and Lee… or did she? Has she only come back for revenge? One of Franco's best loved films has several things going for it: the dreamlike story, convincing performances, and most of all, Manfred Mann's easy-listening score. It does grow tiresome after a while, but twist ending compensates. A time capsule, and a must for Franco followers. Also known as VENUS IN FURS, but not to be confused with another, same-titled 1969 release LE MALIZIE DI VENERE.

© Ron Altman