Non Es Nada, Mamá, Solo un Juego (1974, SPA/VEN) C-86m. ** D: José Maria Forqué. Starring David Hemmings, Alida Valli, Francisco Rabal, Andrea Rau, Nuria Gimeno. Interesting curio that doesn't live up to its intriguing premise: Neurotic, sadistic Hemmings lives with his domineering mother Valli on a South American plantation. She provides him with lovers from the populace, who are abused and killed after some time. This bizarre behavior stems from a traumatic childhood experience. Unfortunately, plot isn't very involving. Worth a look for buffs. Photographed by Alejandro Ulloa. Also known as BEYOND EROTICA, LOLA, and IT'S NOTHING, ONLY A GAME.

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